Pillows for Pregnant Stomach Sleepers

Pregnancy is the best time in most people’s life.

For some people, it is also the hardest. Your body goes through so many changes, both emotional and physical. We all need as much support as we can get during this time.

Read on to find out about Pregnancy Pillows and all the support and benefits they provide.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers, Maternity Pillow

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

  • Full Body Pillows – These types of pillows provide full-body support. They help in relieving pain, especially pain in the hip. These pillows can be used in other conditions as well.
  • U-Shaped/C-shaped Pillows – The U-shaped pillows are targeted at providing maximum support to the back and belly. Whereas, the C-shaped pillows support the neck and back area and provide pain relief as well.
  • Wedge Pillows – The wedge pillows can be put under the belly for support. They are also great at providing support to the hip and leg area. These types of pillows are excellent for warm weather usage when you don’t want a pillow covering you from every side.
  • Inflatable Belly Hole Pillows – The inflatable pillows come with adjustable belly hole and are made for stomach sleepers. They provide support and space to the whole body. Depending on the design, these pillows may even aid in getting the baby into the optimal position for a natural birth and reduces the risk of C-section and painful labor.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

  • Support – The first and biggest benefit of a pregnancy pillow is the support it provides. It cradles your body and provides support as well as relief from body aches and pain.
  • Blood Circulation – Doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side. It prompts the baby to get in the optimal position for birth, while also increasing blood circulation in the mother, and decreasing body aches. Pregnancy pillows make this left-side sleeping position incredibly more comfortable.
  • Restful Sleep – A good maternity pillow cushions the body and helps it to relax. Therefore, using pregnancy pillows at night results in a night of more restful and comfortable sleep. These pillows can be used post-birth as well.
  • Relieves Aches and Pains – Due to the added weight of the baby on your body, certain areas begin to ache such as legs, feet, and back. A good pillow can provide support to these areas, resulting in a decrease in aches.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pregnancy Pillow

  • Size – Pregnancy pillows come in many different sizes. Decide how much bed shape you are willing to give up for the pillow, and maybe include your partner in that discussion too!
  • Shape – From wedge pillows to U-shaped full body ones, maternity pillows are available in various shapes to cater to every possible need. Choose the one that provides the maximum relief and comfort to you, considering your issues.
  • Material – Pillows come in fillings of Microbead, Polyester, Memory Foam, Organic Fillings, etc. Consider your lifestyle before choosing one.

Reviews: Best Pillows for Pregnant Stomach Sleepers

Reviewed down below are the best pillows for pregnant stomach sleepers we could find.

  • This pregnancy pillow is specially designed to allow you to lay down on your belly.
  • The inflatable pregnancy pillow comes with a large opening hole to fit in tummies of all sizes.
  • The hole or pocket is extensible and can be adjusted according to your size and needs.
  • The pocket is made of special elastic cloth.
  • The air-filled inside is also adjustable and can be increased or decreased based on your size.
  • This product is built to allow pregnant women to have comfortable naps, reading times, or just simple TV watching while being on their stomachs.
  • It helps to relieve back pain and hip pain.
  • BESC pillow comes with a plastic box for storage.
Score: 98.8 By Daniel Max

  • The stomach hole pillow comes with a specialized rim to support hips and back.
  • It allows pregnant women to lie down on their tummies for short periods.
  • It alleviates pregnancy pains, including sore ribs, lower back pain, and even heartburn.
  • This pillow can be used throughout the pregnancy and even postpartum.
  • It is suitable for water as well as land.
  • This product is easily deflated and travel-friendly.
Score: 98.1 By Daniel Max

  • This product provides support and cushion during the vulnerable state of pregnancy.
  • It is designed for pregnant women and anyone who cannot lie on their stomach.
  • This patented design is suitable for people who suffer from lower back pains or those who have recently undergone breast surgeries.
  • It is made using CFC-free Urethane Foam, making it free of harsh chemicals.
  • The Natursoft™ upholstery in this pillow provides comfort and support.
Score: 97.5 By Daniel Max

  • This award-winning product is approved by OB/GYN’s as well as Chiropractors.
  • This pillow is designed to have an extra thick bed to provide a feeling of safety while you are lying on it.
  • It makes sure your pregnant belly does not touch the ground.
  • The patented decline in the leg section of these pillows allows gravity to decompress the spine, thereby relieving pain.
  • The adjustable bump allows changing of size based on your needs.
Score: 96.7 By Daniel Max

  • This compact-sized pillow allows you to lie down on your stomach.
  • It is designed by an experienced Chiropractor, especially for pregnant women.
  • This cut out pillow provides cushion and cradles the belly.
  • It is perfect for use in warm weather as it does not cover the whole body.
  • It can be used even postpartum to provide support to the baby while nursing.
Score: 95.4 By Daniel Max

  • This stomach pillow is designed to cater to the needs of pregnant women.
  • It relieves back pain and decompresses the lower back to do so.
  • The leg wedge of this pillow raises the hips and lower legs to reduce the risk of C-section and painful labor. It helps move the baby to the optimal position for a natural birth.
  • This product is approved by doctors and is safe for pregnant women.
Score: 94.9 By Daniel Max

Index Table: Top-Rated Pillows for Pregnant Stomach Sleepers

1BESC Inflatable - Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
  • Belly Hole
  • Massage Pads
2HOLO The Original - Pillow with Hole for Stomach
  • Raft
  • Maternity Pillow
3Earthlite Cushion - Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers
  • Headrest
  • Patented
4Back & Bump Comfort Cozy - Bump Pregnancy Bed
  • OB/GYN Approved
  • Adjustable Hole
Back & Bump Comfort96.7
5Belly Baby Breast Pillow Cut-out - Belly Down Pregnancy Pillow
  • Chiropractor-made
  • Compact
Belly Baby Breast Pillow95.4
6Back & Bump Comfort The Best - Cozy Bump Pregnancy Body Pillow,
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Doctor-approved
Back & Bump Comfort94.9

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