Bolster Pillow Inserts

Bolster pillow inserts are incredibly essential to give the pillows increased longevity. Mostly these inserts are made with a fabric that is water and dust-resistant. Besides, they are available in different types of materials that give beautify the look of the house.

So if you are willing to buy bolster pillow inserts, you are at the correct destination. Here you’ll get all the information that will help you buy them. Besides, we will also suggest some of the best products you can consider while buying.

Advantages of Bolster Pillow Inserts

As bolsters are significant accessories for home decor, let’s discuss some advantages of bolster pillow inserts.

  • Protection – Pillow inserts are very significant as they help protect the bolster pillow from mites and other bacteria breeding on them. Moreover, the pillow will not lose its fillings if it has a good covering layer.
  • Retain Bolster Shape – With inserts covering the bolsters, the pillow’s shape will remain intact. Even if the pillow is molded, it will not be ruined from the inside.
  • Decorative – Bolster pillow inserts enhance the beauty of the house as they make the home look ten times luxurious. Besides, they go well with all the walls and bedsheets of the house.
  • Comfort – The bolster inserts are very comfortable. Additionally, a person has a lot of options to choose from to seek a maximum level of comfort.

Types of Bolster Pillow Inserts

There are various types of bolster pillow inserts. The most preferred ones are as below.

  • Polyfill – Polyfill is the best bolster filling. They are soft and are unique in their property of retaining the bolster’s shape. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.
  • Feathers – Feather inserts are soft, fluffy and extremely comforting. Additionally, they are preferred the most because they are strong and can spring back when applied pressure.
  • Down – Down is the best filler if you are looking for warmth and relaxation. It makes the bolster very cushiony and fluffy. They last longer than other fillers.
  • Memory Foam – For a proper posture and head support, memory foam bolster is perfect. Besides, it is so durable. But, sometimes, it may retain heat.

What to Look for While Buying Bolster Pillow Insert?

Let’s find out what factors are a must to consider buying the best bolster pillow inserts.

  • Size – You must always consider buying the bolster pillow inserts of size 2 inches larger than the original size. Moreover, this will make the bolster look plump and luxurious. Also, if it shrinks, you can still use it.
  • Fabric – The fabric must be of a strong high-quality. Moreover, the seams must not be weak to break after rough use. They are available in cotton, polyester, microfiber, etc.
  • Anti-allergenic – Bolster pillow inserts are made of hypoallergenic fabrics. Hence they are suitable for elders as well as kids. It is recommended for people, especially with sensitive skin.
  • Washable – The bolster insert must be easily washable so that it remains clean. Also, it must take a little time to dry.

Reviews: Best Bolster Pillow Inserts

Below we have enlisted the best bolster pillow inserts with their unique features for you to consider while shopping.
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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  • These bolster pillow inserts are very high in demand nowadays. All the designers and craftsmen suggest this product.
  • Furthermore, they are versatile as they can be used in homes and offices to add glam to the interiors.
  • They are not only apt for decoration but also a good neck and head support.
  • Additionally, it is super firm and fluffy that you can use it for lumbar support.
  • This product is available in white color in the standard bolster size pillow.
  • They are made with a blend of cotton and polyester.

  • This insert is made of white cotton-blend that makes it extremely fluffy and smooth for support.
  • The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester; therefore, it is machine washable, and it dries quickly when hanged.
  • The fiber is non-allergenic, and it is suitable for kids as well as adults.
  • Hence, it is good for people who are allergic to a few substances and are skin-conscious.
  • Besides, it will remain fluff and lent free even after multiple washes

  • With this insert, you can decorate your bolster pillow insert to add a little flair to your bed and living room.
  • These throw pillow inserts have high-quality fiber filling that is durable and anti-bacterial.
  • As a result, you will get sufficient rest and support for your neck, head, and shoulders.
  • Besides, we recommend that you buy the inserts of a size larger than the size of the bolster as it may decrease after inserting.
  • Also, it is made of 100% hypoallergenic material.

  • This bolster insert from Hometex are to fill out your beautiful decorative bolsters.
  • Additionally, they are incredibly lightweight and fluffy to provide excellent support to the neck and head.
  • The insert is made of cotton polyester hybrid fabric, which is durable and skin-friendly.
  • These are easy to wash in the machine with lukewarm water on the gentlest cycle. They are also dryer safe.
  • They have easy maintenance.

  • This is a fiber filled bolster pillow insert that can be used for supporting neck and reduce cervical pain.
  • The high-quality fabric has a long life as it doesn’t get affected even after multiple washes.
  • These bolster pillow inserts tend to be perfect for decoration and comfortable to recline on.
  • Moreover, it provides a therapeutic sleep posture for a comfortable night of rest.

  • This insert is for bolsters for decorating the sofa or beds or even the office.
  • Moreover, the fabric quality ensures that no allergens are attracted to harm the insert or the pillow.
  • Furthermore, you can easily wash and dry them in a machine.
  • The fabric can also be spot cleaned with a mild detergent without losing its quality.

  • This is a Neckroll Bolster Pillow Insert made by Newpoint.
  • It comes encased in a 100% pure Cotton shell for a soft and cooling finish.
  • The filling is Polyester to provide support and comfort at the same time.
  • It features a 233 thread count cover, whereas the filling is Hypoallergenic.

  • This is a Cervical Bolster Pillow designed by MyPillow Store.
  • It is designed to provide the perfect lumbar support under the neck and under the knees while also keeping you comfortable.
  • The pillow is made with MyPillow patented interlocking fill for the best results.
  • It measures 6 x 18 inches in size and is fully machine washable.

  • This is a Supportive Neck Bolster Pillow designed by LitoTree.
  • It is made from high-grade memory foam for optimum support and contouring of the body.
  • The pillow features just the right firmness to sustain the body while also assuring the maximum level of comfort.
  • It measures 18 x 4.5 inches in size and comes with a soft Polyester and Cotton blend cover.

  • This is a Cooling Roll Pillow Insert designed by Kingnex.
  • It is designed to be used under the knees, between the legs, under the waist, or under the neck for added support.
  • The bolster insert is made with shredded Latex foam filling, with a unique feature of Latex foam for support and comfort at the same time.
  • It measures 20 x 8 inches in size and is breathable and naturally hypoallergenic.

Index Table: Top-Rated Bolster Pillow Inserts

1Fairfield Poly-fil - Premium Bolster Pillow Inserts
  • White
  • Extra Soft
2Reynoso Decor - Smooth Bolster Pillow Inserts
  • Breathable
  • Washable
3Mybecca Polyester - Decorative Bolster Pillow Inserts
  • Dust-resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
4Hometex High-Quality - Plush Bolster Pillow Inserts
  • Machine Wash
  • Lightweight
5Roscoe Jackson Lumbar - Support Bolster Pillow Inserts
  • Non-Slippery
  • Cushiony
Roscoe Jackson97.4
6Plankroad Luxury - Cotton Bolster Pillow Insert
  • Odorless
  • No Allergens
7Newpoint Neckroll - Bolster Pillow Insert
  • 100% Cotton
  • 6 x 16 Inches
8MyPillow Store Cervical - Bolster Pillow
  • Cotton
  • 18 x 6 x 6 Inches
MyPillow Store96.3
9LitoTree Supportive - Neck Bolster Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • 18 x 4.5 Inch
10Kingnex Cooling - Roll Pillow Insert
  • Shredded Latex Foam
  • 20 x 8 Inches

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