Textured Pillow Covers

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Adding Textured Pillow Covers is a fun way to create a vibrant space in your home. You may choose from different designs and fabrics.

Besides, they come in vibrant as well subtle colors to go with your mood and style. Let’s learn more about textured pillows and some options to choose from.

Buying Considerations For Textured Pillow Covers

You may choose a pillow color in contrast with your furniture’s texture and fabric. Here are some more important things you should keep in mind before buying the pillow covers.

  • Fabric – You may choose from jite, cotton, linen, wool blend, jacquard, and polyester fabrics.
  • Texture – The textured pillow cases come in different styles such as criss-cross, embroidery, pearl accents, and fabric patches.
  • Size – Choose a size that is close to your pillow inserts so that it fits perfectly without any empty spaces.
  • Design – You may choose tassels, pearls, blend of textured fabrics, and striped pattern designs.

Features Of Textured Pillow Covers

See that the color of the fabric is solid and will not bleed while washing. Here are some features to look for in good pillow covers.

  • Skin-Friendly – Make sure that the fabric of the pillow covers is soft on the skin and is not abrasive, even with a textured appearance.
  • No Fade – See that the fabric does not fade and has solid colors to avoid bleeding into each other. You may need to follow the wash instructions to ensure the color stays the same throughout the use.
  • Anti-Rip – Ensure that the pillowcases have double stitches and strong fabrics so that they don’t tear along the edges.
  • Strong Zipper – See that the covers’ zipper is secure and concealed. Avoid getting flimsy zippers as they may come off after some time.

How to Style Textured Pillow Covers

You may choose from modern, contemporary, formal, chic, and boho styles to make your living room and bedroom more lively. Here are some more ways to add some flair to your space.

  • Monochrome – This is for those who wish to maintain the color palette of the home. You may add different shades of cushions in one color to create a monochromatic effect.
  • Mix & Match – You can mix and match several shades in one texture to create a vibrant aura around you.
  • Seasonal – Choose colors as per the seasons in your region. Pick lighter shades for the summer and dark tones for the winters. You may choose earthy and warm tones for the fall season.
  • Fabric Play – You may choose from different fabric textures to add even more textures to the furniture. Pick from corduroy, velvet, tassels, and pearl designs in a similar shade.

Reviews: Best Textured Pillow Covers

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Reviewed by: Daniel Max Score: 99

  • This pillow cover has a zipper closure design that provides ease in inserting and removing the pillow inserts.
  • The polyester velvet material of these pillows makes them easy to wash without fading the color.
  • Its versatile design makes it ideal for broad applications in cars, sofa, beds, and other places.
  • Moreover, these plush white pillow covers will look good with any color of the furniture in your living room.
  • It has two different materials, knit fabric, and faux fur, with 3D embroidery for creating a contrasting look.

  • The pillowcase has a soft and durable material that will look good even after years of use.
  • It has a two side small tassel design that makes it look more cute and exquisite.
  • Moreover, the lively shade of yellow will brighten up your living room and bedroom.
  • These pillow covers come in a pack of two and have a concealed zipper in the back.
  • You can easily clean the pillowcases in the washing machine and lay them flat to dry.

  • Get the Inspired Ivory pillow cover with tassels and texture to add a plush space to your living room.
  • The pillow covers will add a boho and shabby chic to the decor with their minimal colors.
  • These are not just for decoration. You can comfortably lay on these pillow covers as they have a soft and plush fabric.
  • Moreover, you may get different styles of these chic boho covers and mix them to create a fun look.
  • These covers will look good at the home, office, and outdoor patio furniture.

  • Pick the Sykting corduroy pillow covers in the appealing grass yellow shade.
  • They have a fuzzy appearance that will add warmth and texture to any living space.
  • The pillow covers have a striped and solid design in texture to go along with minimal furniture.
  • These pillowcases have a concealed and sturdy zipper that will stay the same even after prolonged use.
  • This two-pack of pillow covers is ideal for daily use, or you may switch to this during fall and winters.

  • Choose the Phantoscope polyester pillow cover with a minimal yet elegant design.
  • It comes with an easy-access hidden zipper to add and remove the pillow inserts.
  • The faux linen polyester material is skin-friendly and great for people with skin allergies.
  • You can clean the pillow covers in the gentle machine wash cycle or wash them with your hands.
  • Moreover, the design of the pillow will blend any color and texture of the furniture.

  • Consider getting the gray-toned Home Brilliant large pillow cover to add an accent to the sofa.
  • It has an abstract design and jacquard texture to add more style and flair to your living space.
  • You can create a mid-century, modern, and classic look with these pillow covers with their versatile designs.
  • Besides, the pillow covers have a color-coordinated zipper to conceal them behind the cover.
  • These are machine-washable for effortless cleaning and sanitization.

Index Table: Top-Rated Textured Pillow Covers

1DEELAND Decorative - Textured Pillow Covers
  • Zipper Closure
  • Polyester Velvet
2MIULEE Boho - Textured Pillow Case
  • Chic Design
  • Durable Material
3Inspired Ivory Shabby Chic - Tassel Texture Pillow Cover
  • Comfy
  • Plush
Inspired Ivory97
4Sykting Corduroy - Grass Yellow Pillow Cover
  • Fuzzy
  • 2-Pack
5Phantoscope Faux Linen - Polyester Pillow Cover
  • Minimal
  • Easy-Wash
6Home Brilliant Abstract - Large Pillow Cover
  • Jacquard
  • Modern
Home Brilliant97

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