Decorative Sofa Pillows

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With the start of a new year, it’s time to give your lounge suit a complete makeover!

Learn more about the types of decorative sofa pillows you can use to achieve this, the top trends this year, and the best features of decorative sofa pillows.

Types of Decorative Sofa Pillows

There are many types of decorative sofa pillows that you can use to spruce up your home environment. The best part is they can be used on the sofa, dining room chairs, your bed and anywhere else you fancy getting comfortable.

Here are some of the most popular types of decorative sofa pillows:

  • Throw Pillow – The throw pillow is one of the most versatile pillows, also usually being the most budget-friendly and comfortable! These square pillows do not have anything fancy; they work everywhere. For this reason, we have listed a top selection of pillowcases and inners for throwing pillows at the bottom of the page.
  • Flange Pillow – A flange pillow was trendy in the 50s and is seen to be making a minor comeback. A flange pillow can be any particular shape or size, but its defining feature is a flat collar of fabric that sticks out along the edges, creating a ‘flange’ border.
  • Welted/Corded Pillow – A welted or corded pillow has piping along the seams, giving it a stronger body and bolder appearance. These can look great with sofas with piped edges or bold stitched seams.
  • Bolster Pillow – A bolster pillow is cylindrical and is often used for neck or lumbar support. Occasionally, these are used to decorate the sofa, creating the illusion of armrests or headrests.
  • Box Pillow – A box pillow resembles the shape of a cake box. These are used more for comfort than to decorate and can line sofa frames comfortably to achieve a more Zen look.

Trends in Sofa Pillow Decor this Year

If you’re wondering what interior design trends will be in the limelight for the year ahead, check out the top 5 below!

  1. Geometric Shapes – In recent years, geometric shapes have taken the decor world by storm, and it has not let go since! The geometric patterns are becoming more sophisticated and largely consist of monotone colors and white.
  2. Ruby Red – If you want a new color, why not opt for ruby red? This regal color appears to be taking hold of designers everywhere and is being used to make bold statements or add a splash of gorgeous color.
  3. One Of A Kind – Why not let our creativity loose a little and mix and match? In 2018, there is more emphasis in the design world on artisan goods or unique, one-of-a-kind goods. In the spirit of this, decorate your sofas with throw pillows that have art on them, mixing and matching within a contained color scheme.
  4. Imperfection – Imperfection is one thing which is being celebrated this year (which is probably a blessing for many). Mixing and matching, choosing that different thing you love, or opting for different shapes and sizes; all of this is in this year!
  5. Vibrant Floral Patterns – Flowers have always been a favorite, but this year, even more so. Bright, vibrant floral patterns and textures are not leaving the decor world anytime soon, so you may as well deck your sofa out now to look like a wealthy Spring garden.

Features of a Good Decorative Sofa Pillows

Now that we’ve discussed the best possible aesthetics of decorative sofa pillows let’s dive into the functional aspects.

  • Machine Washable – Sometimes, a throw pillow can seem irresistible, and yet it’s so delicate that you have to wash it by hand. The best decorative pillows can be tossed in the washing machine and tumble-dried so you can spend less time fussing over them.
  • Hidden Zipper – A hidden zipper means that you can use the throw pillows on all sides without the discomfort caused by the zip sticking out. This is particularly useful if you have a small child who could somehow snag their fingers on the zipper.
  • Cotton Canvas Fabric – Cotton is one of the best materials, being soft and breathable. A thicker cotton fabric should be chosen to throw pillows to make sure it doesn’t tear or break easily.
  • Odorless – Decorative pillows that are anti-odorous will last for longer without needing to be washed as frequently. Often antibacterial precautions are used to achieve this effect.
  • Keeps Its Shape – Naturally, pillows that can be fluffed up time and time again into their original shapes are better than those that stay flat.

Reviews: Best Decorative Sofa Pillows

Below are some great decorative sofa pillow covers that match all the latest trends this year. Don’t forget to fill the covers you choose with the best throw pillow below!
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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  • These pillow inserts are the best for filling any throw pillow cover in various sizes.
  • Stuffed with polyester fibers, the pillow has a down-feather feel without allergies.
  • Fluff up again for the pillow to retain its shape, and watch it bounce back!
  • Unlike other throw pillow inners, this pillow inner is entirely odorless and antimicrobial.
  • It is recommended to order one size up from the pillow cover you are trying to fill for maximum plushness.
  • Made in the USA from the best hypoallergenic materials.

  • Choose between a gorgeous array of geometric shapes, patterns, vintage designs, and colors etched onto sets of throw pillow covers for decorating your sofa.
  • Out of all the 18 different options to choose from, you are bound to find something suitable for your next interior decor project!
  • It is made from a strong cotton-linen canvas; these covers will not fade or tear, likely lasting for years.
  • Mix and match with one or more sets, embodying the true Japanese art of imperfection and the spirit of 2018.
  • It comes with a hidden zipper and becomes softer with washing over time.

  • Make your one-of-a-kind throw pillow dreams come true, and select from a wide array of sizes and colors with these gorgeous throw pillow covers!
  • TangDepot sells everything from bold linear floral patterns to abstract geometric motives that explore the delicate nature of imperfection.
  • Each pillowcase is handmade and 100% artisan, making them even more unique than anything else.
  • Includes an invisible zipper, machine wash instructions, and a durable yet soft cotton fabric.
  • Transform your lounge suit into a Spring paradise, accenting your home with deep red, blues, whites, and pinks.

  • These textured pillow covers are ideal if you want multi-functional sofa pillows that are still very trendy!
  • Use them inside or outside on your patio, as the pillow cover is made from highly resistant polyester fabric.
  • Choose from seven designer colors that are all unique monochrome shades, bringing about the spirit of imperfection into your interior design aesthetic.
  • The pillow covers the textured pattern, giving them an organic 3D appeal, bringing your decor to life.
  • Available as a pack of two throw pillow covers in various sizes.

  • Say hello to your next outstanding accent pillow by dressing up an inner with any of these vibrant oil-painted throw pillow covers.
  • Choose from over 52 bright, vibrant paintings, ranging from floral scenes to warm natural objects.
  • Each pillow is 18 x 18 inches and is made from sturdy cotton canvas linen that will last you a long time.
  • While these covers are entirely designer quality, they are very cost-effective, allowing you to populate your whole home with a luxurious uniqueness that nobody else will have!
  • Machine washable covers also include a hidden zipper for comfort, ease, and durability.

The Pillow Perfect Decorative Pillow has a fun and colorful floral print.
  • Made from 100% Spun polyester with a polyester fill.
  • It comes in a set of two pillows.
  • Durable enough for use outdoors.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

A velvety textured throw pillow is available in various colors to decorate your sofa.
  • Soft and fluffy velvet cover.
  • Firm fill.
  • Square-sized decorative sofa pillow.
  • Available in many color options to choose from.

  • Get these boho-inspired throw pillow covers to create a vibrant space around you.
  • The fabric of the pillows is breathable and a unique blend of cotton and polyester.
  • Additionally, you can choose from different patterns and designs to suit your decor.
  • It comes with a concealed zipper for easy insertion and removal.

  • Bring home these soft and breezy pillowcases with linen and cotton blends.
  • You can add vibrancy to your home with different designs and patterns.
  • The invisible zipper closure will protect your pillows from dust and moisture.
  • For maintenance, you can wash them in a gentle cycle of the washing machine.

  • You can add style to your home with these velvet throw pillow covers.
  • Additionally, the vibrant solid colors are versatile in terms of decor. So, they can go with everything.
  • Also, the velvety material is very soft and plush to rest on, making it comfortable.
  • These can be washed in the machine, preferably with cold water, for easy cleaning.
  • You can choose from different colors and patterns to go with your decor.

Index Table: Decorative Sofa Pillows

1Foamily Decorative Pillow Inner - Sofa Cover
  • Odorless
  • Retains Shape
2WOMHOPE Geometric Throw Pillow Covers - Set of 4
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Invisible Zipper
3TangDepot Bold Floral Patterned - Sofa Pillow Cases
  • 11 Sizes
  • 14 Styles
4Kevin Textile Cross Hatched Pillow Covers - Textured Monotone Throw Pillow Cases
  • 3D Effect
  • Indoor and Outdoor
Kevin Textile96
5QINU KEONU Beautiful Throw Pillow Covers - Japanese Cherry Blossoms Throw Pillow Covers
  • Machine Washable
  • Hidden Zipper
6Pillow Perfect Decorative - Sofa Pillow
  • Polyester
  • Floral Print
Pillow Perfect97
7Muilee Velvet - Decorative Sofa Pillow
  • Color Options
  • Velvet Cover
8VIGVOG Boho - Ethnic Pillow Cases
  • Floral
  • Vibrant
9YC-KITCHEN Linen - Throw Pillow Cases
  • Versatile
  • Bright
10DEZENE Velvet - Square Throw Pillow Cases
  • Soft
  • Comfy

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