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About to take the family overseas or for a long road trip?
Invest in a travel pillow for everyone, especially your children!

For more info on why you need kid’s travel pillows, different kinds of kids’ travel pillows, and their best features, scroll down below.

3 Reasons Why You Ought To Get Kids Travel Pillows

Many adults benefit from travel pillows, but they’re not the only ones! There are three primary reasons your child needs a travel pillow, particularly when traveling over long distances.

  1. Security – A travel pillow often provides the child with a sense of security. This is the most important when traveling in an unknown environment, like a plane or in a car where you’re driving and can’t stop to reassure your child. A travel pillow usually hugs the child’s body and gives a reassuring sense of security and safety.
  2. Comfort – Kids enjoy the extra comfort just like adults on those long journeys. Sitting for hours on end can become very uncomfortable for many, and in the case of kids, this is often paired with a sense of restlessness.
  3. Support – Most seats in cars, trains, and airplanes are not tailored to a child’s anatomy. They are all made to cater to adults, which usually means that a child will lack back support when sitting in a chair. A travel pillow for kids will solve this problem, giving extra support where it’s required.

Different Kinds of Support for Your Kids

You get many kinds of kids’ pillows, all of which offer your kids unique support. The main focus for kids’ travel pillow support is:

  • Chin Support – When sitting for long hours, a chin rest allows one to sleep while in this position. This prevents injuries such as whiplash or your child’s head rolling too far backward or forward.
  • Back support – This is not always a concern, but occasionally you will need a back support pillow for your kids because of the seating in a plane or on the subway. Seats that are ergonomically shaped for an adult may cause posture damage to children over extended periods.
  • Leg Support – This is one of the main concerns when traveling with young kids. Often their legs dangle over the edge of the seat, and the seat is too long for their bodies. This can lead to later back problems and other issues that cause pain and possibly severe medical conditions. A leg support travel pillow will keep their legs at the correct height so that their posture is preserved.

Features of a Good Kids Travel Pillow

Incorporating the following features into your kid’s travel pillow will make travel more fun and comfortable.

  • Soft Material – Look for very soft materials, like Microfiber, cotton, or velvet, when opting for kids’ travel pillows. This allows kids to feel more secure and comfortable.
  • Medium Firmness – You don’t want a pillow that’s too hard or too soft for your children but somewhere in between for perfect support and comfort.
  • Relatable – A pillow that doubles up as a soft toy is far more relatable than a plain travel pillow. Particularly for young children, this can make traveling feel more fun and interactive, plus it’s like getting a present they will cherish long after the journey!
  • Portable – Make sure the pillow is portable or has a way to store itself that is compact. Some travel pillows can be deflated, others roll up easily, and many have ways to clip onto your luggage without taking up additional space.
  • Non-Binding – It’s best to get a kids-travel-pillow that doesn’t have a drawstring or anything that can get too tight for the child. Look for friendly, non-binding travel pillows that are easy to use to prevent your child from accidentally suffocating!

Reviews: Best Kids Travel Pillows

The following kids’ travel pillows are amongst the best available for online ordering.
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Reviewed by: Daniel Max Score: 98.9

  • The adorable kids’ travel pillows are shaped like soft fuzzy animals, making travel a fun, enjoyable, and comforting experience for your children!
  • It provides neck and head support on long journeys to distant lands, allowing your child to feel comfortable, safe, and secure.
  • Suitable for sensitive kids, the pillow uses a down-alternative filling that is entirely hypoallergenic.
  • The pillow was built sturdy to last for miles of fun.
  • This is recommended for kids aged three and up.

  • This travel pillow is available for children and adults, doing a fantastic job at keeping your head in one place while sleeping upright.
  • The filling provides an ideal medium-firm softness, perfect for supporting your child while offering plush security.
  • Other features of this fantastic travel pillow include being anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, and incredibly durable.
  • You can wash the pillow in the washing machine without fear of pilling; it also dries very quickly.
  • It comes with a snap strap, making it easy to hang dry or attach to your luggage when moving.

  • Nido Nest’s kids’ travel pillow companions are a good choice for journeying with your little ones.
  • Available in 5 different options, your child can choose if they would like an owl, a bee, a ladybug, a frog, or a pig pillow.
  • The cover is removable for convenient laundering, as the manufacturers understand that kids can get messy.
  • It is filled with microbeads for the best support, holding the head up without pushing it forward or letting its rollback.
  • Easily attachable to your travel bag by employing a non-binding snap tie in the front of the U-shaped pillow.

  • This travel pillow comes filled with micro beads that conform to the neck’s contour to provide maximum support and comfort to your little ones.
  • It comes in a silky smooth cover with a Unicorn design that makes it famous among kids.
  • The perfect size of this neck pillow makes it easier to take it with you on travels, be it on an airplane, a bus, or a car.
  • It is enhanced with built-in drawstrings and a button clasp to adjust the size.

  • Here is a travel pillow that every young child needs adequate leg support, particularly when boarding a flight.
  • The pillow is inflatable and, at its full density, assumes a rectangular shape at the perfect height with the seat to allow kids to rest their legs.
  • One can deflate the pillow when not in use, making it highly portable and easy to store without losing it.
  • The pillow also allows children to spread out entirely and go to sleep without needing to sit upright.
  • Not suitable for use on the following airlines regarding seating dimensions: Qantas, Emirates, Air Canada, Air NZ, and Air France.

  • A fun and colorful Unicorn design neck pillow for kids and traveling.
  • Available in different colors and prints.
  • Filled with premium Comforlite Microbeads.
  • Very lightweight and adjustable.

  • Comfortable kid’s travel pillow with a breathable and washable cover.
  • Tested and proven safe for children by the CPSA-approved lab.
  • Optimal support and travel size.
  • A Velcro strap closure system for non-slip design.

Index Table: Top Rated Kids Travel Pillows

1World's Best Kid's Neck Pillow - Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow
  • Polyester
  • Hypoallergenic
World's Best98.9
2BCOZZY Chin Support Pillow - Soft Kids Chin Support Travel Pillow
  • Soft &
  • Flexible
  • Quick Drying
3Nido Nest U Shaped Pillow - U Shaped Kids Travel Pillow
  • Removable Cover
  • 5 Animal Options
Nido Nest98.2
4Nestable Unicorn - Neck Pillow Kids
  • With Hood
  • Blue Color
51st Class Kid Leg Rest Pillow - Square Leg Rest Travel Pillow for Kids
  • Inflatable
  • Child Friendly
1st Class Kid97.4
6Cloudz Kids - Microbead Kid’s Travel Pillow
  • Microbeads
  • Unicorn Shape and Colors
7Trailblazers Travel - Kid’s Travel Pillow
  • Neck Support
  • Breathable
  • Memory Foam

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