Best Neck Pillows for Travel

Traveling for long distances without the right neck pillow can damage your body.

Find out more on why it’s essential to purchase the best neck pillow for travel, neck travel pillow benefits, and also what features make travel pillows stand out above the rest!

Best Neck Pillows for Travel

The Importance of Using a Neck Pillow for Travel

When traveling very far distances, a neck pillow is an essential travel companion to have. This is because traveling in itself is very tiresome, particularly when traveling by train, bus or airplane where you are required to sit still for more than an hour or two.

Many of us are not accustomed to sitting for so long, and as a result, we tend to fall asleep. Sleeping is great, it helps to pass the time and makes up for our tiredness during travel – but it comes with consequences!

Falling asleep on an airplane or train, your head is bound to fall either forward, backward or to one side. This puts your neck terribly out of place and upon waking, you will likely suffer from at least one of the following problems:

  • Neck Stiffness
  • Migraines or Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Upper or Lower Back Pain
  • Hip Discomfort
  • Pulled Muscles in the Neck
  • Dizziness

This is why a neck pillow is so important! It keeps your neck in a good posture and allows you to relax while on your journey.

Benefits of Using a Neck Pillow for Travel

The three biggest benefits of using a neck pillow can be summed up in the following list:

  1. Comfort – Having a neck pillow for travel already makes you the most comfortable person on the train, bus or airplane! Being comfortable makes the journey smooth, allowing you to fall asleep easily and pass the time faster. The increased comfort also really helps if you have back problems, where the seat does not likely provide adequate comfort.
  2. Control – A neck pillow for travel provides you with more control over yourself within a public environment. If you plan on sleeping for the journey, a neck pillow will hold you in one place. Without a neck pillow, you may fall over onto other passengers or even potentially injure yourself!
  3. Support – Lastly, a neck pillow gives the best support for the spine, neck and back. Public transport systems do not offer sufficient support for those who suffer from back pain or spinal conditions. This is where a neck pillow can help to ameliorate neck stiffness, back pain and provide better support during the trip.

Features of a Good Neck Pillows for Travel

Don’t settle for inferior quality! The below list is a summary of some of the best features of neck pillows for travel:

  • Blends In With Your Outfit – A neck pillow doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb. Some innovative neck pillows for travel are designed to look like a wrap around scarf that matches what you are wearing. Indulge in comfort and neck support without compromising how you look and feel.
  • Folds Into A Bag – The best neck pillows for travel will fold up into a bag, making them even more portable than they already are. Once contained inside a travel bag, they will store conveniently inside your backpack or handbag!
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam is an utterly luxurious material that conforms to the unique shape of your body each time you use it. This makes it one of the most suitable materials for orthotics, as it offers exceptional comfort and impressive spinal support.
  • Adequate Chin Support – The traditional travel pillow always did lack sufficient chin support to keep your neck straight. Modern travel pillows have found clever ways to offer this chin support which makes sleeping upright a lot easier and far more comfortable.
  • Machine Washable – Who wants to spend time spot cleaning their travel pillow? It’s far better to get a pillow for travel that can either be tossed into the washing machine or that comes with a machine-washable removable cover!

Reviews: Best Neck Travel Pillows

Below is our best selection of innovative neck pillows for travel, all of which are guaranteed to enhance the quality of a traveler’s life!

Score: 98
  • This travel pillow is one of the best rated of all time because it stops your head from falling forward while you sleep!
  • Wrap it around your neck in over three unique ways and sleep in any sitting position you like without worrying about comfort.
  • Use in and around your home while relaxing or while traveling by car, bus, train or plane!
  • Works exceptionally well for kids who like to have the security that this ‘cuddlepedic’ pillow has to offer.
  • Aside from providing superior neck support, this neck travel pillow acts as a secondary safety mechanism and is capable of preventing chin snapping in car accidents.
  • 100% machine washable.

  • Fall back into the soft memory foam that this pillow is made of and receive great support for your unique neck shape.
  • Adjust the pillow’s thickness by removing or inserting the back portion to optimize your comfort.
  • Includes an elastic strap underneath that allows you to store it on your luggage easily without taking up extra room inside.
  • This memory foam pillow comes covered in a soft removable cover that is machine washable for your convenience.
  • Use for neck support where ever you are or help yourself feel at home while traveling!
Score: 95 By Daniel Max

  • This innovative neck pillow for travel doubles up as a cosy scarf that helps to support your neck so you can rest.
  • A combination of soft polyester, stretched foam and a specialized ergonomic neck brace make this the softest, most comfortable travel neck pillow of all time!
  • Holds your neck in a perfect posture and prevents your chin from falling forward or backward.
  • Clinically proven to work with beneficial results, alleviating neck pain and promoting fantastic sleep during long flights.
  • One can wash this in the washing machine with the rest of one’s laundry.
Score: 97 By Daniel Max

  • This ultra thick memory foam pillow is incredibly luxurious and will keep your head in the perfect place for the most comfortable upright sleeping position.
  • The sides are thicker than a standard U-shaped travel pillow, allowing it to support your chin and head like other pillows would not be able to!
  • Easy to store inside the small travel bag that the pillow is accompanied with.
  • Made with plush memory foam to conform to the shape of your neck and head all round, alleviating neck and back discomfort.
  • The cover is made of high-quality velour that is machine washable, removable and softer than any other travel pillow.
Score: 97 By Daniel Max

  • This neck travel pillow is unique in that it provides full lateral body support, holding your head up firmly and in the correct position.
  • Easily adjustable, one can merely inflate or deflate the pillow as required to suit one’s needs!
  • Use in multiple positions and rest assured, knowing that your neck and back will not suffer from any pain or discomfort while traveling.
  • Rolls up conveniently and is only slightly larger than your hand when fully deflated, making it easy to store.
  • Great for kids as it hugs the body, allowing them to feel safe and secure while on the plane, train or bus.
  • Most ideal for those who enjoy sleeping on their sides.
Score: 96 By Daniel Max


A firm support memory foam neck pillow ideal for traveling from ComforArray.

  • Filled with premium quality memory foam.
  • Ergonomic design for sleeping in a car or airplane.
  • Machine washable design and cover.
  • Steady and soft support.
Score: 98 By Daniel Max


A supportive and contoured neck pillow that comes with a storage bag, earplugs and eye mask for sleeping while traveling.

  • Filled with quality memory foam and a washable cover.
  • Comes with earplugs and an eyemask for complete luxury travel.
  • Safe and comfortable design for sleeping.
  • Double arc curve shape for better support.
Score: 97 By Daniel Max


The Perfect easy to store inflatable neck pillow for traveling.

  • Inflates easily with a button.
  • Supports your neck fully and comfortably.
  • Soft velevt washable cover.
  • Comes with an attractive storage bag.
  • Easily deflates for small and compact storage.
Score: 97 By Daniel Max

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