Tooth Fairy Pillows for Boys and Girls

We have all heard of the tooth fairy in our childhood.

Folklore about tooth fairies is common in our cultures and traditions dating back to a millennium. It is a source of comfort for children while they are growing up.

Please scroll down to find out the origin of the tooth fairy, the myths surrounding it, and the best tooth fairy pillows for your little ones!

Tooth Fairy: Origin and Myths

  • Origin – Tooth Fairy is a fantasy figure originated in Western culture. In Folklore, children put their broken teeth under the pillow, which the tooth fairy takes away at night, leaving behind a small payment. This tradition is practiced in many cultures.
  • Norse Myths – Myths associated with tooth fairies go back a millennium. In Norse tradition, baby teeth were buried to spare the children hardship in the next life.
  • European Tradition – In Europe, the custom of Tand-fé or Tooth fee was practiced for a child’s first broken tooth. The reward varied by the country and the family’s economic status.
  • Viking Culture – Vikings paid their children for their teeth and other items to take with them for good luck in battle. Scandinavians hung a string of their children’s teeth around their necks for protection.
  • Pop Culture – In recent years, the tooth fairy has appeared in plays, comics, cartoons, and movies, as well as lore about fairies.

Oral Hygiene and Tooth Health

  • Brush at Atleast Twice Everyday – To keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy, teach your children to brush at least twice a day, preferably at night before sleeping and in the morning after breakfast.
  • Stay Away from Sweets – Eating sugary sweet things can cause germ and bacteria accumulation in the mouth. These bacteria can slowly eat the teeth and leave them hollow and black. To prevent this, keep your children away from sweet junk food that is bad for your teeth and health.
  • Floss – Develop the habit of flossing early on. Gently slide in the floss between each tooth and along the gumline.

Ideas for Homemade Tooth Fairy Pillows

  • Tooth Fairy Pillow – Tooth fairy pillows can be easily made at home using some cloth and embroidery floss. It is better if you know how to sew and embroider for a neat-looking pillow.
  • Tooth Fairy Door Hanging – A tooth fairy pillow hanging on the door is easier to access for the tooth fairy than a tiny tooth hiding under the child’s pillow. Just attach a looped cord to your tooth fairy pillow to hang it on the door.

Reviews: Best Tooth Fairy Pillows for Boys and Girls

Reviewed down below are the best tooth fairy pillows for boys and girls and some cool ones that either can use.

  • This tooth fairy pillow from Alma’s Designs is filled with 100% polyester for a soft and cushioned feel.
  • It comes with a front pocket and adorable design and will quickly become your child’s favorite.
  • The broken tooth can be safely stored in the pocket while waiting for the tooth fairy to come.
  • This imported product is big enough to sleep on.
  • The front pocket is sized appropriately so the tooth fairy can leave money inside.

  • The LED tooth fairy pillow comes with a plush and soft feel.
  • It makes the tooth loss experience wondrous for your child because of its unique style and leaves them with magical memories.
  • This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for quality assurance.
  • Zigora’s tooth fairy pillow has a back pocket for the lost tooth, and the money the tooth fairy leaves behind can be put in it as well.
  • This tooth fairy kit includes a toothbrush as well to promote oral hygiene. Toothbrushing can come as a request from the tooth fairy!

  • The embroidered tooth-shaped pillow is made of high-quality soft felt and designed especially for sweet girls.
  • It features a back pocket with a velcro closure to offer a safe place for your child’s tooth and the money from the tooth fairy.
  • The Tickle & Main tooth fairy kit comes with a bright and fun notepad. It is designed to document the tooth loss experience and the option of writing a note to the tooth fairy.
  • The pillow pocket is designed to fit the tooth and note perfectly.
  • The keepsake pouch can hold a small photograph of your child, and you can keep the notes and teeth inside as well as keepsakes. A golden ribbon secures the bag.
  • This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • This Rainbow mane designed tooth fairy pillow is handmade in the USA, with love for your children.
  • Bunnies and Bows tooth fairy pillow kit comes with a unicorn pillow, tooth fairy dust, and a poem.
  • The pillow comes with a small pocket where you can put the broken tooth, and it can also hold the money left behind by the tooth fairy.
  • It comes in a convenient size of 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 3″, which is suitable even for sleeping.
  • The unicorn rainbow mane design is specially made, keeping in mind adorable little sweet girls.

  • This tooth fairy cushion rocket pillow is designed for girls and boys, as everyone loves this cool design.
  • The beautiful embroidery on this rocket cushion says “Tooth Blast Off!” in the front to promote the idea that the tooth losing experience is a fun one.
  • The rocket design tooth fairy cushion comes with a front pocket for the lost tooth and the reward left by the tooth fairy.
  • It comes with a special cord to make it suitable as a door hanging and on the bed. Whatever your little one likes!
  • The size of this tooth fairy rocket cushion is 15 X 16 X 5 cm approximately.

  • Everyone loves dragons! This Drake the Dragon fairy pillow is loved by both girls and boys.
  • The Maison Chic dragon pillow comes with a pocket for the lost tooth and the treasure you get in return.
  • This pillow allows for spot cleaning as it is designed, keeping in mind the nature of children.
  • It is filled with cotton and polyester to provide cushion and softness.
  • Drake the Dragon is 9″ tall and is made for kids aged 5-12 years.

  • This tooth fairy pillow is made with high-quality 100% cotton for a soft and smooth finish.
  • It is boutique quality and designed especially as a gift for little girls, with a clever tooth pocket to hold both tooth and treasure.
  • The pillow is handmade with love in the USA using high-quality materials such as premium Grosgrain ribbons.
  • It comes with a decorative ribbon to allow for easy hanging wherever you want.

  • This is a specialized gift set for little girls and boys to make their tooth fairy experience more magical.
  • It includes a shiny gold coin to serve as treasurer and a velvet keepsake bag to put the treasure in, along with a beautiful tooth fairy pillow.
  • The 9-Inch pillow also features a back pouch to place in the lost tooth for safekeeping.
  • The gold coin is designed by the award-winning author of “The Original Story of the Tooth Fairy” to work as a premium quality collective gift.

  • This pillow features a hand-knitted Unicorn face, horn, and its red, bright bow works as the perfect tooth fairy pillow for unicorn lovers.
  • It comes with a special “Tooth Report Card” to make their experience more memorable.
  • The tooth fairy pillow also provides two keepsake pouches, one at the back and one separate, for the lost tooth and the treasure the tooth fairy leaves behind.
  • It comes filled with a soft material to make it comfortable for children.

  • This tooth fairy pillow comes in a beautiful pink color, designed especially for little girls and boys who love the color.
  • It comes with a small pocket at the top for holding the lost tooth and the treasure given by the tooth fairy.
  • The pink satin bow is sewn on and helps to hang it wherever you wish.
  • It comes with a Polyester Satin cover and Polyester stuffing.

Index Table: Top-Rated Tooth Fairy Pillows for Boys and Girls

1Alma's Designs Blue - Little Boy's Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Boys Pillow
  • Front Pocket
Alma's Designs98.7
2Zigora Kit - Tooth Fairy Pirate Pillow Kit
  • LED Pillow
  • FDA Approved
3Tickle & Main 3 Piece - Tooth Fairy Girls Pillow Kit
  • Notepad, Pouch
  • Embroidered
Tickle & Main98.1
4Bunnies and Bows Rainbow Mane - Girls Unicorn Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Tooth Fairy Dust
  • Handmade
Bunnies and Bows97.6
5Floss & Rock Cushion - Unisex Tooth Fairy Cushion Rocket
  • Embroidered
  • Hanging Cord
Floss & Rock97.3
6Maison Chic Dragon - Drake the Dragon Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Cotton
  • 5-12 years
Maison Chic96.9
7Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop Girl's Lilac - Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Gingham Print
  • Polyester
Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop96.5
8Bizzy Bees Gift Set - Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Gold Coin
  • Back Pocket
Bizzy Bees96.2
9Bambini & Me Unicorn Themed - Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Keepsake Pillow Set
  • with Pouch
Bambini & Me95.8
10Lillian Rose Bow Design - Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • with Pocket
  • Pink
Lillian Rose95.4

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