The Best Body Pillow Covers And Cases

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A body pillow helps you sleep, cuddle, and get proper rest while giving you extra support. At the same time, the Best Body Pillow Covers And Cases ensure that your pillows stay clean and add to the comfort your body pillow offers.

So here we have the best Best Body Pillow Covers And Cases, their cool benefits, tips to choose from, and buying considerations for a good cover. Keep reading to know more!

Benefits of a Good Body Pillow Cover

A body pillow cover is an essential addition to the body pillows. Not only do they help increase the life of the body pillows, but a pillow cover also improves the overall look.

  • Good Looking – A matching body pillow cover or case will certainly add to your bedroom decor. Whatever your preference, you will find a suitable body pillow cover for your bed.
  • Life Enhancing – Without a pillow cover, your body pillow will be exposed to extended wear and tear. Having a cover will shield your pillow from stains and dirt.
  • Feels Good – A body pillow cover further improves how you feel and experience a good night’s sleep. A cozy and soft pillow helps you sleep better.
  • Allergen Free – Where body pillows can attract some allergens, an allergen-free pillow cover is also good for your health.

How to Choose the Best Body Pillow Cases & Covers?

Getting a good night’s sleep needs full-fledged apparatus. This includes pillows, mattresses, and the less popular pillow covers. Further, here is how you can choose a good body pillow cover:

  • Material – Body Pillow covers are available kinds of materials and fabrics. There are cotton, polyester, bamboo, and cooling pillow covers. All of them have their distinct benefits and drawbacks.
  • Costs – No, there is no need to punch a big hole in your pocket to buy a body pillow cover. Just keep an eye on the quality and durability of the product you will buy. There are affordable yet quality enriching options.
  • Closure – There are zipper closures and envelope closures to choose from. Envelope closures are better than zippers as they prevent any discomfort. But the zipped closures offer a better snugness to the body pillow. It remains intact within the pillow cover.
  • Breathability – Buy a breathable pillow cover to get a better body pillow experience. A breathable pillow won’t accumulate heat, keeping the pillow cool for the night.

Prominent features of the best body pillow covers and cases

  • When you are out there to buy a body pillow cover, you must take care of a few important features that must be present in it. These features can range from its protective abilities to size and resistance. Let’s talk in brief before we move to product suggestions.
  • Protection – Unlike simple pillows, the body pillows are exposed to almost every part of your body. Also, they are more prone to getting bed bugs or germs. Therefore, having a body pillow cover will protect the pillow from germs and bugs.
  • Size – When there are different-sized body pillows, you will also get the standard and king-sized pillow covers to go with them.
  • Water-Resistant – A water-resistant body pillow cover won’t allow sweat to penetrate the body pillow. Any material used to fill pillows can be damaged due to moisture.

Reviews: Here are the Best Body Pillow Covers and Cases

We know choosing the right product can be a bit overwhelming. To help you with it, we have created a list of the best body pillow covers and cases.
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Reviewed by: Daniel Max Score: 98.9

  • An amazing and elegant-looking pillowcase made to last longer.
  • Also, the microfiber fabric that provides extra softness and comfort.
  • This luxury hotel-quality pillowcase offers extended support.
  • With an extended size of 60 inches, it is 6 inches more than the standard 54-inch pillow cover.
  • Moreover, it offers extra room for air to travel between the layers.
  • In addition, it is available in a whole spectrum of color variants, and this pillow cover is hypoallergenic and made without zippers.
  • An epitome of elegant craftsmanship, this pillowcase is no less than Egyptian luxury.

  • Evolive has made a contemporary and modern-looking body pillow cover to provide extra comfort.
  • This pillow cover will also augment the room’s aesthetics with an outlook that enhances the old and boring body pillows.
  • Washable and perfect for every room setting, the Sherpa material is an ideal solution for additional comfort and softness.
  • High-quality material is made to last longer and provide protection against normal wear and tear.
  • The pillowcase is covered in the soft fabric of the cover.
  • Hence you won’t feel any discomfort with the zipper. The Reafort pillow case cover is also available in multiple color options.

  • Built with high-quality microfiber material, the Nestl bedding pillow has a double-brushed texture on both sides.
  • Leave aside the worries of waking up to a wet pillow. These pillow covers are lightweight and breathable.
  • These pillowcases are made with Egyptian cotton, enhancing the soft touch and boasting its hypoallergenic material.
  • You can wash it in the machine with cold water. Resistant from stains, dirt, wrinkles, and color fading.
  • These body pillow covers are pet-friendly. So, you won’t have to worry about the pet claws that can lead to wear and tear.
  • Overall, a functional and durable body pillowcase with many color options to match your bedsheets and room decor.

  • They are beautifully crafted with added cotton striped linens woven with beautiful yarns and are lightweight.
  • This super soft and comfortable pillow cover is an ideal bed pillow cover for hot or cold nights.
  • The perfect fabric finish provides silky softness and a wrinkle-free pillowcase. Moreover, its hypoallergenic properties make it a bacteria-free pillowcase for everyone.
  • Bigger size than the standard size of a pillowcase, covering an area of 21″ x 60″.
  • It comes in 5 different colors at an affordable price having a higher quality than other similar products.

  • Shiny satin fabric enhances the overall look of the pillow. Soft Pillow cover and wrinkle-free material.
  • Standard-sized case measuring 21″ x 54″ accords a comfortable, snug fit. All the while enhancing the sleep experience.
  • It is made for rough and tough use. You can use it in any season, whether in a bedroom, couch, or dorm.
  • It provides additional comfort to pregnant ladies and is a good companion for side sleepers.
  • A beautiful pattern further enhances its aesthetics.

  • Holy Lamb cotton fabric is made to last longer, provide comfort, and boasts extra softness.
  • Moreover, it can be used for comfortable sleeping and is easy to put on.
  • Its elegant yet straightforward looks make you feel good while sleeping.
  • Easy to wash and handle, this cotton sateen cover is available in two sizes.

  • This body pillow is made with 100% Polyester and gives a soft and lush finish.
  • The outer is made with Sherpa and Microplush to give off a luxurious feel.
  • It comes in a 20×54 inch size to fulfill all your needs and cover the pillows perfectly.
  • The cover offers a dyed zipper to ensure it does not upset the pillow’s design.
  • This cover is suitable for machine wash and bleaching.

  • This pillow cover is made of 100% imported grade cotton.
  • It is designed with a 300-thread count weave to provide breathability and ensure it stays cool to the touch.
  • The outer is made with brushed Percale fabric to offer peach-like softness.
  • It comes in various solid colors, so you can choose according to your surroundings.
  • This body pillow cover is machine washable.

  • This pillow cover is made with 100% Polyester Microfiber.
  • It comes in various colors to allow you the luxury of choice according to your decor theme.
  • The cover comes in a 21″x54″ size and a zipper closure for convenience.
  • It is suitable for machine wash in cold water and is not allowed to bleach.

  • This pillow cover is made with 100% Long Staple Combed Cotton and results in a silky smooth surface and luminous sheen.
  • The 400-thread count Sateen Weave design allows for softness, durability, and breathability.
  • It is constructed with double-stitched, reinforced seams and is non-zippered for convenience.
  • This pillow enclosure is Hypoallergenic and is designed for 54-inch body pillows.

Index Table: Top-Rated Body-pillow Covers And Cases

1Italian White - Brushed Microfiber Body Pillow Case
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Zippered
2Reafort Soft Sherpa - Zipper Closure Pillow Case
  • Ultra Soft
  • Zippered
3Nestl Bedding Brushed Microfiber - Durable Body Pillow Case
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight
Nestl Bedding98.2
4American Pillowcase Egyptian Cotton - Wringle Guard Pillow Cover
  • Supersoft
  • Eco-Friendly
American Pillowcase97.8
5AILOVYO Shiny Satin - Teal Custom Pillow Case
  • Four Seasons
  • Patterned Cover
6Holy Lamb Organic Cotton - Full Body Pillow Case
  • Better Protection
  • Open Ended
Holy Lamb97.1
7AUCOCU Extra Soft - Body Pillow Cover
  • Sherpa
  • Microplush
8AmazonBasics Ultra-Soft - Cotton Body Pillow Case
  • 55 x 21 Inch
  • Dove Grey
9EVOLIVE Microfiber - Ultra Soft Body Pillow Cover
  • Hidden Zipper
  • 21x54 Inch
10Comfort Crazy Non-Zippered - Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase
  • 400 Thread Count
  • 100% Cotton
Comfort Crazy95.6

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