Jersey Knit Pillowcases

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Comfort is something that no one would like to compromise with while sleeping. Therefore, get yourself the jersey knit pillowcases now. That’s because they help you achieve a comfortable sleep during the night and get the required relaxation.

These pillowcases work greatly to provide you a cozy feeling in winters and a comfortable feel in summers. Thus, choosing the best one can be a bit tricky, but no worries, this brief guide will help you choose the best one.

Buying Considerations for Jersey Knit Pillowcases

Your pillow is probably one of the things that hold all your secrets as you put your head on it and spend moments cherishing the time. Thus, finding the best pillowcases is important, and keeping these considerations in mind will help you in doing so. Read to know more.

  • Size – You need to identify the size of your pillow and then look for a case according to it. Make sure you don’t pick a larger or smaller size cover as it would only make it troublesome for you to get the comfort level.
  • Fabric – The comfort should be on your top list, and the material of your pillow ensures that you are staying comfortable. Not every material or fabric can suit your needs throughout the year. So, look for the ones that have comfortable yet durable material.
  • Maintenance – Pillowcases can be removed and washed easily, but this cannot be done every day as you have other things to do as well. It would be better to look for covers with low maintenance and do not take time to dry.
  • Durability – You would not love to invest every second day in purchasing pillowcases for your personal use. Instead, look for the options that last for enough time to offer you the complete worth of your investment.

Types of Jersey Knit Pillowcase Fabrics

A pillowcase can enhance the look of your bed and sheets. Also, their fabric decides whether they will outshine or not. Here is an assembled list of the different types of fabrics used for making pillowcases.

  • Cotton – These pillowcases provide the highest comfort level to the user, and their maintenance is extremely low. Also, they can be used around the year without compromising with comfort.
  • Satin – It is another most commonly used material for jersey knit pillowcases, and it is a bit less comfortable than cotton pillowcases. Thus, these covers can also be washed easily in a machine without worrying about color fade. Also, the satin fabric is usually not stretchable, so you can use them for non-clingy pillows.
  • Wool – This is the best material that can be brought into use during the winter season. Also, they provide you with a cozy feeling in the winters and keep your head warm. So, you can get a comfortable long night’s sleep.
  • Polyester – It is one such material that lasts for the maximum time, and it requires the least care than the others. Also, purchasing it would not make your pockets feel heavy.

Common Questions About Jersey Knit Pillowcases

Jersey knit pillow covers are the best choice for individuals who are looking to get the best comfort while sleeping. Hence, there are some common questions related to Jersey knit fabric that is used in pillowcases. Read along to get detailed information.

  • What kind of fabric is jersey knit? – Jersey fabric is considered a piece of single-knit cotton fabric, and it is well-known for its softness and stretching quality. That happens because the knitting of the jersey comes with natural elasticity, and it is done without using elastane fibers.
  • Is jersey-knit cotton hot? – The jersey-knit cotton provides an equal comfort level as your T-shirt because it is knitted rather than weaving. These pillowcases are known for offering incredibly warming and substantial textile.
  • Is Jersey softer than cotton? – A stretchy jersey knit is made from synthetic blend or cotton, and it is quite flexible and comfortable. These knitted pillowcases are softer than the treated cotton.
  • Is jersey fabric clingy? – The jersey knit pillow covers are considered perfect for clingy and close-fitting items. These covers do not hinder the movement, unlike the non-stretchy silk taffeta and satin fabrics.

Reviews: Best Jersey Knit Pillowcases

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Reviewed by: Daniel Max Score: 99

  • The warm, soft, breathable, and flexible material of the pillowcase provides maximum sleep comfort.
  • This product is machine-friendly, and its maintenance is quite easy in summers and winters.
  • KAIANG jersey pillowcase is an ideal addition to your bed sheet set for summers as well as winters.
  • It is made from 100% cotton material that feels softer to the skin in comparison to other pillowcases.

  • Its 100% knit breathable cotton material provides equal comfort to your t-shirt in the summers.
  • The LIFETOWN pillow cover can be tumble dried as it comes with fade and wrinkle-resistant properties.
  • These pillowcases can be easily put on and take off due to their envelope design.
  • The solid green color and envelope closure of the cover makes it one of the most reliable products to purchase.

  • It’s 100% Egyptian cotton material makes it suitable to use for all seasons and people of all ages.
  • The care and maintenance of the Dreamfine pillowcase are easy as they can be washed in a machine.
  • This pillowcase has a concise design that will provide you the feel of your favorite t-shirt during use.
  • Both the pillow covers in this set have a respective size of 20 X 26 inches that is ideal for standard pillows.

  • These pillowcases are made using hypoallergenic and breathable jersey-knit cotton that makes them more comforting than satin pillowcases.
  • The no zipper and envelope closure design of the pillowcase provides convenience in removing and putting the cover on pillows.
  • Its light coffee color and textured design make it more of a gift product for birthday parties.
  • The Light Coffee shade of the pillow covers add a charm to your bedding and protects pillows from being dirty.

  • The hidden and high-quality zipper closure properties prevent the invasion of bugs in the pillow and protect it.
  • It can be bleached when needed to retain the old shine of the material back, and it is easy to wash in a machine.
  • These pillowcases have tight-fitting that secures your pillow from any damage.
  • The stretchable material of these pillowcases can get 10% wider and even cover your pregnancy or maternity pillows.

  • The 100% cotton material used in the pillowcase is tested and proven to be durable.
  • It can be washed in a machine and tumble dried without worrying about its color fading.
  • These pillowcases come in a set of two, and both of them measure 20 by 36 inches, respectively.
  • The elegant grey color of these knit pillowcases makes them a reliable choice for most households.

Index Table: Top-Rated Jersey Knit Pillowcases

1KAIANG Heather - Jersey Cotton Pillowcase
  • All Season
  • Soft Material
2LIFETOWN King Size - Jersey Cotton Pillowcases
  • Super Soft
  • Breathable
3Dreamfine Envelope Closure - Jersey Pillowcase
  • Comfortable
  • Easy Care
4DONEUS Standard - Jersey Knit Pillow Case
  • Queen Size
  • Durable
5AUCOCU Standard - Jersey Knit Pillow Case
  • Extra Soft
  • Hidden Zipper
6H HOUSEHOLD Cotton - Lightweight Pillowcase
  • King Size
  • Durable

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