100% Silk Pillowcase

Silk is one of the best materials to use for your bed linen, for health, comfort, and durability! Find out more below on the origins of silk, how to choose the best silk pillowcases as well as how silk benefits you and your family.

100% Silk Pillowcase

A Brief History On Silk

Silk is an incredibly fine fiber and can be woven by silkworms, spiders and some other insects. While it is fragile, it lasts a very long time and has a few lesser known health benefits. Silk is known to have originated from Chinese royalty, who have had a monopoly on its production for millennia. One of the oldest known records of Chinese silk making was reported to have been nearly 3 millennia old!

The discovery of silk is rumored to belong to a Chinese empress who was sipping tea under a mulberry tree. A cocoon fell into her cup and began to unravel, captivating her with its luster and shine. She immediately began to find a way to use the fiber and went on to create the first reel and loom, producing the first delicate silk thread.

Today pure silk is one of the largest global industries, and the trend does not seem to be get old anytime soon!

What is Silk Momme?

When shopping for silk items for the first time, this can seem like a type of silk you see everywhere: “Momme Mulberry Silk” or “Momme Silk Pillowcase.” Momme is instead a unit of measurement for silk, describing the weight of the fabric. 1 momme is approximately equal to 3.62 grams of silk per square yard. The way one pronounces momme is like “mummy, ” and usually, the abbreviation mm is used when referring to mommes.

Working with momme’s is essentially like working with thread count for cotton, the higher the mommes, the better the quality. Although for the best quality, having the momme count fall in a specific range is better than having too high or low a momme. Top quality silk (used for linen) goes for between 20 mm and 30 mm. Incredibly thick silks can go up to 40 mm and they have a wool-like appearance.

5 Health Benefits of Using 100% Silk Linen

Using a 100% silk pillowcase comes with a few little-known health benefits!

  1. Extreme Comfort – Good quality silk is a fiber that is capable of being woven down to the nano-level. This makes it incredibly soft, comfortable and ultra breathable. Silk feels smoother than no other natural fiber and can enhance the quality of sleep and more!
  2. Smooth Skin – It promotes smooth skin by not disturbing the oils on the outside layer of the skin. This keeps your skin well hydrated and prevents moisture loss which results in dry or scaly skin.
  3. Healthier Hair – Silk also promotes more radiant hair as it also does not disrupt the fine balance of oils and chemistry going on in there! Keep your hair in great condition by treating yourself to a silk pillowcase.
  4. Anti-Fungal – This material is naturally resistant to growing molds and other fungus, making it extra hypoallergenic.
  5. Dust Mite Resistant – Silk is resistant to dust mites, preventing them from entering your pillow and settling in.

Reviews: Best 100% Silk Pillowcases

Browse through our premium selection of the best 100% silk pillowcases and click your favorite for more!

  • This pillow case was spun out of impeccable Charmeuse silk to give it a high gloss finish and a high momme of 25.
  • The finest mulberry silk was selected to craft this decadently soft pillowcase, allowing you to upgrade your bedding with one little adjustment.
  • Treat your skin and hair to a better sleeping environment and watch how their condition will improve.
  • Available in King or Queen sizes and 14 different color options to match any bedding you have.
  • This pillowcase is silk on both sides and comes gift wrapped upon delivery, making it a cost-effective royal gift for anyone who is in need of some pampering.

  • This pillowcase is made with a 600 thread count of pure, unadulterated mulberry silk with a momme of 19.
  • Purchasing this pillowcase is an affordable way to upgrade the quality of your life, improving night time breathing and skin health.
  • Includes a hidden zipper for convenient removal, as well as resistance against dust mites and other bed bugs.
  • Your hair will value the difference when it comes to using a silk pillow, feeling softer every day you use it!
  • Available in King, Queen and Standard sizes in a selection of 14 different neutral shades to match your interior.

  • The Silk Lady is proud to present to you a certified organic silk pillowcase, made using only 100% exceptional quality mulberry silk.
  • Retain the moisture and vitality in your skin and hair by sleeping on this perfect organic silk pillowcase.
  • Unlike other silk products, this pillowcase has a natural matte finish without a glossy sheen or any dyes to fix the color.
  • The pillowcase is hypoallergenic, incredibly soft and highly durable, making it an ideal gift for anyone.
  • Remove all unnecessary toxins from your bedding and opt for all natural organic silk pillowcases!

  • The exceptional quality of this 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase will have you feeling like you are drifting off on something softer than a cloud!
  • The smoothness of this 25 momme silk will allow your hair to glide over the pillow without tangling, losing moisture or breaking.
  • This high quality of mulberry silk was tested pound for pound to give more durability than that of steel.
  • Has anti-aging skin benefits such as maintaining skin hydration, reducing wrinkles and allowing the skin to breathe perfectly.
  • A hidden zipper promotes easy removal of the cover, which is fully machine washable without any special laundering required.

  • This pillowcase was made from 100% pure Mulberry silk at 19 momme, making it more affordable for those who can’t get the best quality.
  • The Charmeuse finish gives this pillowcase the feeling of exceptional quality and will allow you to sleep more deeply.
  • Each strand in the pillow was carefully selected and OKEO-TEX certified to produce a top quality 600 thread count.
  • Available in Standard, Queen and King sizes, with the option of white or ivory silk coloring.
  • The pillowcase can be washed in a washing machine with cold water and left to air dry naturally without the use of bleaching agents.

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