Bear Body Pillows

Who doesn’t like big, soft stuffed bears to cuddle with?

Body Bear Pillows are the recent trend that has taken over the industry. There are a wide variety of stuffed animal pillows available in the market nowadays.

Keep reading to learn more about Bear Body Pillows and the best ones available in the market.

What is a Body Bear Pillow

  • Body Bear Pillow – These Bear pillows are body-sized stuffed animal pillows. They come in many shapes, sizes as well as colors. Bear pillows are just one type of these stuffed animal body pillows. They are crafted with super dense fur fibers for a soft texture and a comfortable feel.
  • Stuffing – The Bear Body pillows are commonly stuffed with polyester, especially in commercial manufacturing. It is the most inexpensive stuffing available. Another option is cotton.

Benefits of Cuddling with Stuffed Toys

  • Provides comfort – A stuffed toy can provide feelings of comfort, especially in unfamiliar situations. This is because it takes the place of a safe object that you can depend on for comfort and companionship.
  • Releases Oxytocin – Cuddling has been shown to result in the release of a hormone called Oxytocin in the body. Cuddling with a stuffed toy body pillow can result in the same. This hormone leaves us feeling soothed and calm.
  • Help with Anxiety – When a person feels unsafe or uncomfortable, they have the natural urge to hold or grab something with their hands. A stuffed animal pillow can be the thing to hold on to when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, such as an anxiety attack.
  • Sentimental Value – If your stuffed body pillow is from your childhood, even better. The sentimental value attached to it increases the benefits it provides. It reminds you of your childhood and provides a feeling of stability.
  • Soothes Discomfort and Fear – Interpersonal touch is a powerful soothing mechanism. Touching, even an inanimate object, produces feelings of belonging and companionship. Having a stuffed animal pillow along with you can serve this purpose.

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What to Look for in a Good Body Bear Pillow

  • Size – The first thing to consider when a bear body pillow is the size. If you’re buying for a child, your size preferences may differ from what they might be for an adult. Bear Body Pillows are available in sizes 20 inches to 60 inches.
  • Material – The soft furry material is covering most stuffed toys may cause allergies for some people. Inquire about the material and consider carefully to reduce the risk of triggering any allergies. Make sure that it satisfies all your lifestyle requirements before buying.
  • Stuffing – Bear Body pillow stuffing can be anything from Polyester to Cotton or more sustainable and organic options such as buckwheat hulls. Buying sustainable and organic products is ideal for the planet, but this stuffing may not be the most sturdy and may flatten quickly. Consider your options wisely before buying.
  • Color – You can buy bear body pillows in the classic brown colors. But if it is supposed to serve a decorative purpose, you may consider bear body pillows in other colors, keeping the rest of the interior in mind.

Reviews: Best Bear Body Pillows

The below list consists of the best Body Bear Pillows for you to lounge around with.
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98.9

  • This fully stuffed bear pillow guarantees no shedding.
  • It is environment-friendly and made in the USA.
  • The YESBEARS bear body pillow is ultra-soft and provides the best huggable experience.
  • This product comes with a removable microfiber stuffed bowtie.

  • This soft plush bear body pillow comes in a giant 47″ size.
  • It provides the ideal hugging experience because of its large and plush exterior.
  • The gray bear pillow is a soft fabric with a PP cotton filling.
  • It comes with full stuffing for the best experience.

  • This giant stuffed bear pillow comes in 39 inches in size when measured from ears to tow.
  • IKASA teddy bear is incredibly soft to the touch and perfect for hugging.
  • The premium quality pillow is durable and long-lasting, and EN71 and ASTM tested.
  • This product is surface washable with a brush.

  • This plush pillow comes in a giant size of 47″ for the ideal cuddling experience.
  • It is made with super soft fur and stuffed with PP cotton.
  • Misscindy bear body pillow is handmade using high-quality materials and is available at an affordable price.
  • The pillow’s white color makes it ideal for any area, as white goes along with almost every color and texture.

  • This big bear body pillow is 39 inches in size and allows for the perfect snuggling experience.
  • The plus pillow has a very soft feel and comes with a cute neck ribbon.
  • The bear’s tan color is classic and ideal for any room, regardless of the interior design.
  • It is filled with PP cotton and covered in soft plush furry material for a comforting hug.

  • The soft body pillow comes in a huge 4-foot size for perfect cuddling time.
  • This bear pillow is made with the best quality fur to allow the best hugging experience without any shedding or clumps.
  • It is stitched and back-stitched and filled with recycled stuffing for an environmentally friendly product.
  • This product is made in Vermont, USA.

  • It comes in a huge size of 39″.
  • This big plush teddy bear pillow is stuffed with Polyester and PP cotton for the best hugging and snuggling experience.
  • This product is made in the USA.
  • MaoGalan teddy bear pillow has a soft plush exterior and sturdy filling.

  • This JOON Teddy bear pillow is designed especially to be huggable and soft to the touch.
  • It comes in a supersize of 38 inches.
  • The bear pillow is stuffed with premium quality 100% Polyester fabric to make it soft and plush.
  • It came in a beautiful tan color and was accessorized with a ribbon on its neck.

Index Table: Top-Rated Bear Body Pillows

1YESBEARS Ultra Soft - Giant Teddy Bear Body Pillow
  • 5 Foot
  • Paws Embroidery
2MorisMos Gray - Stuffed Animal Soft Plush Pillow
  • 47 Inch
  • With Stuffing
3IKASA Plush - Giant Teddy Bear Pillow
  • 39 Inch
  • Brown
4Misscindy Giant - Teddy Bear Plush Body Pillow
  • 47 inch
  • White
5DOLDOA Stuffed Animal - Big Teddy Bear Body Pillow
  • 39 Inch
  • Tan
6Vermont Teddy Bear Soft - Body Pillow Giant Teddy Bear
  • 4 Foot
  • Backrest
Vermont Teddy Bear94.7
7MaoGoLan Soft - Big Plush Teddy Bear Pillow
  • 39 Inch
  • PP Cotton
8JOON Huge - Teddy Bear Pillow
  • Tan Color
  • 38 Inches

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