Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases

Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases are necessary to prevent the growth of unwanted microbes on the pillow and save us from skin allergies. After all, our pillows are so dear to us, and we must take the best care of them.

So, here we are to share some fantastic ideas while shopping for waterproof pillow protectors and pillowcases. Besides, we will also recommend the best and most demanded waterproof pillowcases to help you figure out what’s best for you.

Buying Considerations for Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases

Let’s see what factors must consider while buying waterproof pillow protectors.

  • Fabric – Choose the fabric that suits your and your family’s skin. Although the waterproof fabric is good for the skin, it is still recommended to read the labels properly before buying it.
  • Size – The waterproof pillow protectors and pillowcases must be a little larger than the original size of the pillow so that it doesn’t ruin the pillow shape.
  • Design – Pillow protectors’ design must go well with the house’s bedsheets and furniture. They come in numerous designs and colors for you to choose from.
  • Zipper – A pillowcase with zipper helps the insertion easy. By zipping the pillow cover back, you can free yourself from worrying about the pillow coming out of color. It helps to keep the shape intact.

Features of Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases

A good waterproof pillowcase will fulfill all the requirements, for instance,

  • Hypoallergenic – A pillow cover’s main job is to protect the user from any allergies or skin rashes caused by the uncovered pillow. It has a soft and smooth texture and does not harm the skin.
  • Noiseless – The pillowcase must not make any noise when you sleep or adjust your positions. A noiseless pillow is best for a relaxed sleep.
  • Breathable – If a pillow protector is not breathable, it might absorb moisture and lead to a stinky smell. Therefore, it should have micropores for air to pass through it to keep the pillow fresh and fluffy.
  • Bed-Bug Proof – Waterproof pillowcases are bed-bug resistant. Because of their strong and good quality fabric, microbes or other insects do not come near it.

Fabrics in Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases

Not all fabrics are waterproof, so while buying a waterproof pillowcase, make sure that the fabric used is one of these mentioned below.

  • Vinyl Or Plastic – Vinyl is an excellent fabric for waterproof pillow protectors and pillowcases. It will save the pillow from getting ruined by liquids, spills, and moisture. However, vinyl pillow covers can be noisy.
  • Polyurethane – Polyurethane fabric is thinner than vinyl, but is entirely waterproof. It is highly breathable and does not make any noise. Additionally, it is skin-friendly.
  • Tencel – Tencel is a natural fabric and efficiently waterproof. It is famous for its strength and moisture absorption properties. Not to mention, it is so comfortable and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin.
  • Terry Cotton – This fabric is moisture-resistant and mostly used to make pillow covers. Terry cotton is a thin fabric that requires little maintenance.

Reviews: Best Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases

We will discuss the best waterproof pillow protectors and their unique properties to help you choose the best for yourself.
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 99.1

  • These elegant white pillowcases provide 100% liquid protection leaving no scope of even a little moisture to stay.
  • They are available in king size and a set of four made from polyurethane, the most preferred waterproof fabric.
  • It has microscopic pores to protect the pillow from Saliva, perspiration, liquids, stains, sweats and anything wet that can damage the pillow.
  • The fabric gives a luxury feel as it is super smooth and breathable.
  • They can be washed and dried easily in a machine or manually as desired.

  • This set has two queen-sized waterproof pillowcases that are stretchable and breathable.
  • Its key feature is that it doesn’t make any noise. Hence you will get an undisturbed sleep no matter how many times you change your sleeping posture.
  • The covers are hypoallergenic and will resist all types of allergens or germs.
  • Made with high-quality polyurethane, they will help you stay in a healthy and peaceful environment.
  • They have easy maintenance.

  • These super cozy pillowcases are for cute little toddlers.
  • They have a bamboo terry surface and are best for the child’s sensitive skin.
  • The pillow protectors are noiseless. Therefore, it will give the children an undisturbed sleep.
  • The kid’s pillows will not be ruined anymore, and there will be no risk of the child being exposed to dust, harmful mites, or microorganisms.
  • They are designed to fulfill a toddler’s needs and are easy to wash. The quality will not be affected even after numerous washes.

  • These pillowcases are waterproof and dust resistant. Additionally, they keep mites and bugs away from the pillow.
  • They are made of terry cotton, repel water and all types of liquids or stains.
  • Made with an anti-bacterial protective layer, they prevent allergens and are very healthy for your family, including children.
  • You will get an ultra-comfortable sleep and rest every time you lie on them.
  • Besides, their perfect shape and filler will give proper support to your neck and head.

  • These luxury pillowcases have a Tencel surface and are available in a set of two.
  • Further, they are noiseless, and the breathable membrane allows airflow to keep the pillow cool.
  • The fabric is durable and eco-friendly, creating a pleasant, silky, and soothing cool feeling on the skin.
  • It is designed to keep you safe from allergies and dust.

  • These fabulous pillow protectors are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, which is hypoallergenic.
  • The protectors also resist bedbugs, dust mites, pollen, and other allergy-causing agents.
  • They have a feather-proof barrier. Hence leaving no scope for the tiny feather to poke out and pinch you.
  • Further, they can be washed in a machine on low heat.
  • Also, it has a breathable membrane that allows air to pass through it.

  • This is a set of Waterproof Pillow Protectors created by SureGuard Mattress.
  • The pillowcase protects against sweat, saliva, liquids, and stains.
  • It has a super fine zipper with Invisi-Zip technology that protects the pillow from bugs and dust mites.
  • The pillow protector is hypoallergenic and comes with a 100% Cotton Terry surface that wicks away any moisture.

  • This is a set of Extra Soft Pillow Protectors designed by CALM NITE.
  • It protects the pillow from bedbugs, dirt, allergens, saliva, moisture, and sweat.
  • The pillow protector is made using 100% Polyester, with an ultra-plush knit finish, making it silky soft to the touch due to its high thread count.
  • It features a 1mm thick Polyurethane Waterproof layer to keep you dry while also being breathable to keep you ventilated.

  • This is a Queen Size Waterproof Pillow Protector designed by Coop Home Goods.
  • It provides waterproof front and back protection and breathable sides to keep you dry and ventilated throughout the night.
  • The pillow protects against sweat, drool, bodily fluids, bed bugs, and spills.
  • It is OEKO-TEX Certified, hypoallergenic, and comes with a convenient zipper.

  • This is a Waterproof Pillow Cover designed and created by FeelAtHome.
  • It is made of 100% Cotton Sateen, silky soft to the touch, and completely waterproof.
  • The pillowcase features a waterproof membrane that protects you from body fluids, saliva, spills, liquids, stains, and perspiration.
  • It is hypoallergenic, noiseless, breathable, resistant to dust mites and other allergens, and comes in a zipper design for convenience.

Index Table: Top-Rated Waterproof Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases

1Niagara Sleep Smooth - Waterproof Pillow Protectors
  • Zipper
  • Strong Fabric
Niagara Sleep99.1
2Four Seasons Queen - Anti-Dust Pillowcases
  • Bedbug-proof
  • dust-proof
Four Seasons98.7
3Biloban Toddler - Waterproof Pillow Protector
  • Noiseless
  • Breathable
4Plush Deluxe Waterproof - Pillow Protectors & Pillowcases
  • Soft cotton
  • Zipper cover
Plush Deluxe97.9
5ComfiLife Soft - Tencel Pillow Protectors
  • Mite-resistant
  • Noiseless
6Everlasting Comfort 100% Waterproof - Pillow protectors
  • Zippered
  • Machine washable
Everlasting Comfort97.2
7SureGuard Mattress Waterproof - Pillow Protectors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zippered
SureGuard Mattress96.7
8CALM NITE Extra Soft - Pillow Protector
  • Waterproof
  • Pack of 2
9Coop Home Goods Queen - Waterproof Pillow Protector
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lulltra Fabric
Coop Home Goods96.1
10FeelAtHome Waterproof - Pillow Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zippered

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