Percale Pillowcases

Percale pillowcases are highly trending nowadays because of their unique hand-woven feature. Also, they are more breathable and feel softer on your skin than the standard machine-made pillowcases.

However, finding the most comfortable and soothing pillowcases is a tedious task. Therefore, we have brought this guide to help you find the best pillowcases online. Also, you will be able to learn about buying considerations, types, and benefits of percale pillow covers.

Buying Considerations for Percale Pillowcases

Have a look at these considerations before purchasing the pillowcases.

  • Overall Look – Your pillowcase mainly complements your bedsheets’ look. It would help to look for pillowcases that have a pleasing overall look.
  • Thread Count – The percale pillowcases usually have a thread count of 200 or 400. Although some pillowcases might even have a low thread count, you should look for a pillowcase with a minimum of 200 thread count.
  • Maintenance – Buying a pillowcase with quite low maintenance than others is one of the best things to do. Thus, it would help to look for easily washable ones in a machine for low maintenance.
  • Certification – It would be better to look for percale fiber pillowcases that are EKO-TEX certified to provide you the assurance that they are safe to use.

Benefits of Percale Pillowcases

The percale pillowcases bring along a lot of benefits. Could you have a look at a few of them?

  • Soft Texture – The texture of percale pillow covers is smoother than other fibers. Also, they offer a high-quality feel because of their natural and long fibers woven in tightly.
  • Breathable – The airy and lightweight texture of the percale fiber is ideal for warm sleepers. They can also help you attain better sleep and are ideal for hot climates because of their cooling effect.
  • Low Maintenance – It is usually easy to care for the percale fiber pillowcases as they do not require dry cleaning. But you should be aware that not all can be washed in a machine as some need hand washing due to their delicate fiber weaving.
  • Spill Resistant – Since the fibers of percale pillowcases are tightly knitted, they are resistant to spills or stains. Plus, they will become softer along with use and every wash.

Types of Percale Pillowcases

Percale fiber is one of the most durable fibers used for making pillowcases. Also, there are various kinds of percale cotton pillowcases. Here we have organized a list of the different types of percale fibers pillow covers.

  • Organic – These covers are made from organic cotton in pesticide-free fields. Since these are made from organic materials, their price is slightly higher than the other options.
  • Blended – The blended cotton percale pillow covers have different fibers, such as polyester, rayon, silk, and bamboo. The blend of different materials makes this pillow cover resistant to wrinkles.
  • Long-Staple – These pillowcases are primarily made from Pima or Egyptian cotton and are well-known for their high quality. Also, these covers provide a more luxurious and comfortable feel than others.

Reviews: Best Percale Pillowcases

Let’s quickly look at the best percale pillowcases available online for purchase.
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 99

  • These pillowcases have a z-hem stitch that provides a premium and ideal fitting for pillows of different sizes.
  • The percale pillowcases by Linen Home have been inspected and durable for years.
  • All the Linen Home pillows are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are safe to use.
  • Cleaning will be easy as it can be easily washed in the machine.

  • The ideal blend of cotton and polyester material enhances the life of the pillow cover.
  • Its highest-quality fabric provides a soft feeling against the skin and uses the best dye materials to prevent fading.
  • These pillowcases’ subtle color and look can add a bit of classic elegance to your room.
  • These covers can be washed in a machine with mild detergent for better durability.

  • This pillowcase’s 20% polyester and 80% cotton blend makes it an ideal choice for most people.
  • These pillow covers resist fading because of their high-quality and tested materials.
  • Their subtle and classic look makes them ideal for homes, hospitals, hotels, etc.
  • It must be washed with non-chlorine bleach and tumble-dried to ensure the quality is not hampered.

  • The Percale weave used in this pillowcase provides cool and crisp sleeping time.
  • This OEKO Tex-certified product goes under a 5-step check process to ensure the highest quality product is sold.
  • You can wash it with a mild detergent and a lukewarm water solution in your washing machine.
  • This pillowcase set does not use harmful components during manufacturing and prevents environmental damage.

  • It features long-staple yarns woven in the percale material to provide a delightful crispy touch.
  • This pillowcase comes with a single 400-thread count yarn that provides better durability than others.
  • The American Pillowcase cotton cover can be washed in a machine and tumble-dried to remove the wrinkles.
  • These covers have a unique design that helps in the easy removal of the cover on the pillows.

  • The high quality of the Lactose craftsmanship offers premium comfort and a soft, crisp feel to the user.
  • This set has two pillowcases, each measuring 20 X 37 inches, enough to fit all king-size pillows.
  • These beautifully designed pillowcases are cool and work well around the year in protecting pillows.
  • It has various color options, so choosing the one that suits your needs best is easy.

  • From Linen Home, we have larger-sized percale pillowcases.
  • They consist of quality 100% cotton with a percale weave.
  • You get two pillowcases in a set.
  • They are available in King sizes.

  • The Sleep Mantra Pillowcases are 100% Organic cotton with a percale weave.
  • They are GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • There are two pillowcases in every set.
  • There are also sizes to choose from.

  • From Dorchester Collection, we have the most premium quality percale pillowcases.
  • They consist of 100% Egyptian cotton with a percale weave.
  • The pillowcases come in a set and are a box design.
  • They are a normal standard size option.

  • The Purity Home brings you their organic cotton percale pillowcases.
  • They consist of GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • The pillowcases have a percale weave and have a tailored fit.
  • They are available in neutral colors and more size options.

Index Table: Top-Rated Percale Pillowcases

1Linen Home Queen Size - Percale Pillowcases
  • Cotton
  • Best Fit
Linen Home99
2Aveesha Poly Cotton - Weave Percale Pillowcover
  • Versatile
  • Exquisite Design
3Lasimonne Luxury - White Percale Pillowcases
  • Egyptian
  • Cotton Blend
4Gulliver Standard Size - Percale Pillow Cover
  • Luxury Finish
  • Breathable
5American Pillowcase Egyptian - Percale Cotton Covers
  • Envelope Closure
  • 400 Thread Count
American Pillowcase98
6Lacoste Cotton - Percale Solid Pillow Covers
  • All Season
  • Machine Washable
7Linen Home Cotton - Comfy Percale Pillowcases
  • Percale
  • Cotton
  • Two Set
Linen Home97.5
8Sleep Mantra Store Organic - Percale Pillowcases
  • Organic Cotton
  • Percale
  • Hypoallergenic
Sleep Mantra Store97
9Dorchester Collection Egyptian Cotton - Comfy Percale Pillowcases
  • Quality Cotton
  • Percale
  • Silky Soft and Smooth
Dorchester Collection97.3
10Purity Home Pure Organic - Percale Pillowcases
  • Organic
  • Percale
  • Cotton
Purity Home97

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