Wool Pillowcases

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You can use wool pillowcases to switch up your decor during the fall and winter seasons. These are an excellent addition to the furniture, along with a throw blanket.

You may choose from different wool blends and patterns. Keep reading to know more about wool cover features and products to consider.

Buying Considerations For Wool Pillow Cases

Wool fabric is more comforting and versatile to style. Here are some essential things to keep in mind before picking pairs of pillowcases for your furniture.

  • Size – You can choose from small, medium, and large sizes that will go along with the type of your furniture. Pick larger ones for plush sofas and smaller ones for patio chairs.
  • Pattern – There are several wool patterns such as stripes, cable knits, and flowers to choose from.
  • Design – You may choose textured wool embroidery designs or slogans written with wool to add more depth to your furniture.
  • Color – Choose from darker or lighter shades to create contrast with your sofa. Besides, you may create a monochrome look with the same colors.

Benefits Of Wool Pillow Cases

Choose wool blends with cotton and polyester to ensure longevity. Here are some ways wool fabric pillowcases will benefit you.

  • Warm Space – These pillowcases will create a warm and inviting space indoors and outdoors.
  • Comfortable – You can lay on these comfortable pillows and relax for long hours. Moreover, these will make you feel warm with their plush fabric.
  • Fuzzy Texture – The fuzzy texture of wool pillows will uplift your mood and help you feel better.
  • Stylish Decor – Your winter season decor will considerably improve with these pillow covers. You can also use these in the fall season and style them with matching throw blankets on furniture.

Features Of Wool Pillow Cases

Consider these features to pick a good wool pillow cover for your sofa, bed, and chairs.

  • Durable – Make sure the knitting, stitching, and pattern of the fabric are strong enough for long use.
  • Easy Clean – The pillowcases should be machine washable and stain-resistant to use regularly.
  • Skin Safe – Some wool fabrics often irritate the skin. Ensure that the covers have a skin-safe wool blend that is soft to touch.
  • Anti-Shrink – See that the pillow covers are made from treated wool or blended wool to ensure they will not shrink after washing.

Reviews: Best Wool Pillow Cases

We have listed below some of the best Wool Pillowcases with various designs and features for you to choose from.
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Reviewed by: Daniel Max Score: 99

  • Pick the JWH cushion cover that has a wool design on them that adds more elegance to the design.
  • The wool design on the pillowcases is hand-made and reflects the craftsmanship in luxe looks.
  • These covers will look great on your sofas, chairs, and beds, giving a warm appearance.
  • They have a delicate zipper in the back that looks invisible to avoid any texture in the design.
  • Moreover, the stitching of the covers is over-locked to make sure they stay strong throughout the use.

  • Get the McAlister wool plaid pillowcases to add geometric decor to your home.
  • These pillowcases have a brushed wool touch so that they are not harsh on the skin.
  • The covers have a double-sided design and strong edges that will maintain the shape of the pillow insert.
  • Besides, the blended material of the covers ensures their durability even after multiple washes.
  • You can use these for indoor furniture and patio furniture as they are sturdy enough.

  • Consider upgrading your furniture with the Glorifiv lush, velvety pillow covers.
  • They have a soft texture to add three-dimensional texture to space and create more depth.
  • This is a pack of two pillowcases that can be used for sofas and chairs to bring cohesiveness.
  • Moreover, the fabric of the covers is sturdy with reinforced double stitches to ensure their longevity.
  • You can easily clean the fabric in the gentle cycle of machine wash or hand wash them.

  • Pick the ultra-soft Madizz wool pillowcase to upgrade your living room and bedroom.
  • These pillow covers will add a vibrant space to your home and help you relax better.
  • The fabric of these pillows is a soft blend of cotton, wool, and faux fur to add a luxurious look.
  • You will get enough lumbar support with the shape of these pillows when used with appropriate inserts.
  • These are easy to clean in the cold machine wash cycle in the gentle mode.

  • The JWH wool pillowcases come in a large rectangular size to add comfort to your furniture.
  • This pillowcase has a patchwork design with wool fabric to create a plush look.
  • Moreover, it has an antique appeal with geometric triangular shape designs and shows a premium decorative look.
  • These pillows have flexible space to add pillow inserts without any ripping or fraying of the fabric.
  • You may add different designs of these wool pillows to create an inviting living room.

  • Choose the Jasen wool pillow covers with a button design in the front.
  • These cases are designed with cable-knit patterns like a buttoned sweater.
  • Besides, the material of these pillow covers is cotton, wool, and acrylic blend to provide a soft surface.
  • They have a concealed zipper in the back to avoid any visible closure zip lines.
  • You can add these to sofas, beds, chairs, and outdoor patio furniture.

Index Table: Top-Rated Wool Pillow Cases

1JWH 3-D - Wool Decorative Pillow Case
  • Elegant
  • Handmade
2McAlister Square - Wool Plaid Pillow Case
  • Brushed
  • Easy Clean
3Glorifiv Velvet - Wool Textured Pillow Case
  • Soft
  • Reinforced
4Madizz Ultra Soft - Luxe Wool Pillow Case
  • Cotton
  • 2-Pack
5JWH Patchwork - Plush Wool Pillow Case
  • Antique
  • Sturdy
6Cheer Knitted - Wool Buttoned Pillow Case
  • Cable-Knit
  • Comfy

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