Vintage Pillowcases

Vibrant and expressive pillowcases are a fun way to upgrade your old sofa and chairs. You may choose vintage pillowcases with elegant designs to lighten up any room in your house.

These come in different colors ranging from soft beige to bright red. In this article, we’ll discuss some things to consider along with some products for your next purchase.

Buying Considerations For Vintage Pillowcases

You may choose different shapes of pillows and pick covers in similar colors to add cohesiveness. Here are some more crucial things to consider when choosing vintage design pillowcases.

  • Size – All the pillowcases come in specific sizes that are suitable for different pillow inserts. If you are looking for an upgrade, measure the size of the inserts you have to pick the right one. Furthermore, pick inserts that will exactly fit the pillowcases.
  • Theme – There are several designs; therefore, consider the theme of your home decor, season, and your mood to pick a particular theme.
  • Fabric – You may choose from cotton, linen, jute, and polyester fabrics. These are durable and stay vibrant throughout use.
  • Maintenance – Choose a pillow that is easy to maintain with machine wash and does not require any ironing to look presentable. Also, pick a blendable fabric that is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Features Of Vintage Pillowcases

Here are some vital features to see in your vintage design pillow covers to add more depth to your decor.

  • Vibrant – The design of the pillowcase should have colors that do not bleed into each other and stay the same after washes.
  • Soft – See that the pillow cover is made of soft material that is not harsh on the skin.
  • Elastic – Ensure that the pillow cover has some elasticity to insert the pillow fillings easily. This will prevent the pillow cover from tearing apart.
  • Anti-Stain – The fabric of the pillowcase should not get dirty too quickly. Moreover, it should be anti-stain to stay in the same shape.

Types Of Designs On Vintage Pillowcases

There are so many different designs that you may choose from depending upon your personal style and room decor. Here are some major styles to look out for.

  • Floral – You may choose from spring, summer, or fall-themed floral designs depending upon the season. These come in different colors and patterns.
  • Inspirational – These pillowcases come with a graphic design along with an inspirational quote. You may mix a few cushions to create positive vibes around you.
  • Patriotic – Some designs come with flag prints and embellishments. These will be great for your gatherings on dedicated holidays.
  • Farmhouse – These are pillowcases with abstract patterns in soothing colors and may have texture or jute work on the front.

Reviews: Best Vintage Pillowcases

We have listed some of the best Vintage Pillowcases in different designs and fabrics for you to choose from. We’d also like to inform you we will earn a small commission with every purchase made through the links in the article.

  • Get this Tlovudori cotton and linen mix pillowcase with a floral vintage design.
  • The material of the pillow cover does not get dirty easily, so it is an excellent choice for the patio and living room.
  • Moreover, it comes with an invisible zipper for inserting pillows discreetly.
  • The pillowcase has enough area to slide the pillow insert easily so that there is no tearing.
  • You can easily clean this pillow cover in the washing machine. However, do not bleach the cover.

  • Consider getting this soft velvety Emvency pillow cover that comes in a pack of four.
  • These are elastic in material to insert and remove the pillow cover when needed.
  • Besides, the polyester fabric is soft to touch and has a bright design that will stay on even after multiple washes.
  • Moreover, the fine texture of the pillowcases will not cause any allergies to the skin.
  • The Persian tribal design of the pillowcases is suitable to add warmth to any area of the house.

  • Get this Yuzi-n vibrant pillowcase that comes with a bright design and an inspirational quote.
  • The pillow cover has a soft cotton and linen blend material to ensure it is durable.
  • You may use this pillowcase alone or add more inspirational quotes pillowcases.
  • The design of the pillowcase is retro and will also create a joyful environment around you.
  • Besides, the floral design in between the quotes will add more color to your living room.

  • Consider this ITFRO pillow cover that comes in a pack of two in a beach-inspired design.
  • These pillow covers are ideal for lumbar supporting pillows for your bed and couch.
  • The front of the pillowcases has a lively design that will transform your living room instantly.
  • You may wash these pillowcases in the washing machine without impacting the fabric and the print.
  • These colorful pillow covers will look nice in simple beige and white furniture.

  • Consider Ekobla pillowcase that comes in cotton linen material which is also eco-friendly.
  • The square pillow cover is versatile to use anywhere around the house.
  • It will look good on chairs alone or combined with other designs on sofas and beds.
  • There is a hidden zipper in the bottom of the pillowcase to make sure inserts go in easily.
  • You can wash these pillow covers in the machine in a cold water setting. However, do not iron on the print after washing.

  • Get this LuckyCow eco-friendly pillowcase in cotton and linen blend material.
  • The pillow cover is lightweight and easy to maintain even with regular use.
  • Besides, it will stay durable and will not lose vibrancy after multiple washes.
  • Moreover, the linen fabric adds a breathability feature to the cover to keep it dry.
  • The pattern of the pillowcase includes a bright farmhouse design to add to the vintage theme.

Index Table: Top-Rated Vintage Pillowcases

1Tlovudori Floral - Vintage Throw Pillowcase
  • Magnolia
  • Decorative
2Emvency Persian - Tribal Pillowcase
  • 4-Pack
  • Square
3Yuzi-n Graphic - Inspirational Pillowcase
  • Cotton
  • Linen
4ITFRO Beachy - Vintage Lumbar Pillowcase
  • 2-Pack
  • Rectangular
5EKOBLA Renaissance - Vintage Victorian Pillowcase
  • Beige
  • Royal
6LuckyCow Farmhouse - Eco-Friendly Pillowcase
  • Linen
  • Easy-Clean

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