Best Adjustable Pillows

We are all looking for that ultimate pillow that we can toss and squeeze to the perfect shape and customizable comfort.

Well look no further, the ADJUSTABLE pillow, is one of the latest innovations, a pillow that fits to suit your individual needs.

Adjustable Pillow Feature

How an Adjustable Bed Pillow Works

The adjustable pillow is exactly as the name states, a pillow that you can adjust and customize to your personal liking, and requirements;

The adjustable pillow is under normal circumstances filled with shredded material such as latex or memory foam, buckwheat, and in some case down, or feathers, stuffed with two or more layers.

This type of pillow conforms to the natural contours of your body and supports your head neck and shoulders, while afterward it can be adjusted back to its original form, or self adjusts.

Likewise, the fill is removable or refillable to give you a firmer or softer option to choose from.

Adjustable Pillows 1
Then there is the pancake pillow, which basically consists of layers of pillows that you can stack or unstack to fulfill your needs.

Types of Adjustable Bed Pillows

Adjustable pillows are not only comfortable but likewise extremely safe and supportive.
There are a few options when it comes to the fill of the pillow that you should take into consideration, when choosing the best adjustable pillow to suit your requirements;

The Buckwheat Pillow

The Buckwheat pillow is filled with all natural Buckwheat Hulls. Buckwheat is completely vegan and natural, as well as breathable allowing air to circulate freely all night long, keeping you cool.
Equally, buckwheat is furthermore exceptionally supportive and will conform ideally to the shape of your head and neck.

Feather and Down Pillows

Feather and down pillows are luxuriously soft and plush, and similarly adjustable.
Most feather and Down pillows come with a double layer hypoallergenic cotton cover, should you suffer from any allergies.

Shredded Latex

Shredded Latex is manufactured from materials from the rubber tree, and also a natural material. It offers adjustable comfort, as well as exceptional cooling and breathability features.

Shredded Memory Foam

Another excellent and more commonly found fill for adjustable pillows is shredded memory foam. Memory foam, in general, conforms to the contours of your body, the shredded memory foam has similar qualities with the addition of being adjustable, removable, and likewise refillable.

Considerations for Adjustable Pillows

Here are a few Characteristics to look for in a good adjustable pillow;

  • A soft and comfortable pure cotton cover, double layered in the case of a feather or down filling.
  • Cooling technology such as a gel cover or naturally cooling filling.
  • The cover should be removable and washable.
  • Removable and refillable filling with a zip enclosure to do so.
  • Filling such as shredded memory foam or latex, buckwheat, feathers and down are more commonly known.

Reviews: Best Adjustable Pillows Available Today

Below are some of the best adjustable pillows, with some exceptional features


The Sleep factory Premium features a cotton cover with feather and down filling, extremely soft and will adjust perfectly to the contours of your body.

  • Covered with a dual layer closely knit pure cotton layer.
  • Filled with 550 fill down that will become warmer and softer with time, while offering you continuous support and comfort for both your head and neck.
  • Extremely fluffy, you will sleep soundly all night, and wake up well rested and resfreshed the next morning.
  • Because the feathers and down undergo a rigorous cleaning process, and likewise the presence of the double layer cotton cover, this pillow is completely anti allergenic.


For those sweet and peaceful nights, you can trust the Sweetnight Loft pillow, the ideal pillow when it comes to adjustable comfort.

  • Filled with the finest quality gel shredded memory foam that creates a completely adjustable loft.
  • You have the option of adding or removing the foam to customize your pillow to your specific requirements.
  • This pillow will stay fluffy, and not become lumpy or flat overtime, entirely retaining its shape.
  • The removable and washable casing is manufactured from hypoallergenic pure cotton.


Looking for something more on the natural side, that is free from toxins and chemical materials, while still offering adjustable comfort.

Well look no further, the Zen Chi Organic Queen Size Buckwheat pillow offers you all of that!

  • Filled with 100% pure and organic Buckwheat hulls which allows air to circulate creating a natural cooling effect.
  • This pillow will adjust naturally to a position that is ideally supportive for your head, neck, and spine.
  • You can refill the pillow with the number of hulls that you personally require.
  • Organic and natural with an all-cotton cover.


Want to enjoy your beauty rest without worrying about bacteria and dust mites that may home themselves in your pillow, well then, the main feature of the Beautyrest Latex pillow is its anti-microbial properties.

  • Manufactured from natural latex foam that comes from the tropical rubber tree.
  • Perfectly natural anti-odor and antibacterial properties.
  • The foam is adjustable, while still retaining its shape.
  • Ideal for good neck, head and shoulder support that aids in keeping your spine aligned in a natural position.
  • This pillow will adapt to your shape and adjust as you move around during the night.


The WonderSleep Premium will have you drifting off to wonderland in no time.
You can look forward to a plush and comfortable, highly adjustable, hotel quality pillow, with a cooling bamboo cover.

  • This is a set of two queen-sized pillows with covers.
  • Filled with shredded memory foam that offers therapeutic and adjustable qualities and comfort.
  • The premium fabric cover in bamboo has a natural cooling effect.
  • You can add or remove foam to change the firmness level of the pillow to whatever you desire.
  • The cover, as well as the pillow, are both machine washable.


Here is an absolutely brilliant idea for an adjustable pillow, the Pancake Pillow. A stack of pillows from which you can add or remove to get your ideal shaped pillow.

  • Comes in a white queen size, with an additional pillowcase.
  • This is an adjustable layered pillow that is idyllic for any type of sleeper.
  • Covered in a 300 thread count pure cotton pillowcase.
  • There are six stackable pillow layers, each with a super soft down or microfiber fill that is hypoallergenic.


The EnerPlex pillow has an adjustable design that still retains its original shape and will never flatten.

  • Premium Memory Foam fill with a design that keeps its shape yet molds and adjusts to your natural shape.
  • Comes with a cooling and breathable bamboo cover.
  • The cover is removable and washable.
  • Very durable and high-quality materials.
  • Different size options are available.
  • Removable and adjustable shredded memory foam fill.


A Cervical Orthopedic design pillow that has an adjustability option from Nature’s Guest.

  • Retains proper head, neck and spinal support with the cervical design.
  • Fully adjustable with a dual zipper that provides access to the fill.
  • Ideal for back sleepers.
  • Made with the finest quality Hypoallergenic materials.

  • FDA approved as a class a1 medical devoce.
  • Filled with premium close-knit cotton fibers.
  • Natural removable and washable cotton cover.
  • Down alternative cotton fill that is removable and fully adjustable.

In Conclusion

Not only is an adjustable pillow a more comfortable option, but it is likewise safer, and all in all good for you;

The pillows I have chosen are all top of the range, manufactured from only the finest materials to give you the best sleeping experience!

Index Table: Top Rated Adjustable Pillows

1Sleep Factory Premium - Adjustable Feather and Down Pillow
  • Cotton Cover
  • Adjustable
  • Temperature Control
Sleep Factory97
2Sweetnight Loft - Memory Foam Adjustable Pillow
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Memory Foam
  • Centipur Gel
3Zen Chi Organic - Buckwheat Adjustable Pillow
  • Cooling
  • Organic Buckwheat
  • Refillable
Zen Chi96
4Beautyrest Latex Foam - Adjustable Antimicrobial Pillow
  • Latex Foam,Antimicrobial
  • Supportive
5Wondersleep Premium - Adjustable Loft Pillow with Cooling Bamboo
  • Cooling
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Memory Foam
6Pancake Pillow queen - Adjustable Stacking Pillow
  • Cotton Cover
  • Adjustable
  • Hypoallergenic
Pancake Pillow97
7EnerPlex Never Flat - Adjustable Rebound Pillow
  • Machine Wasahble
  • Bamboo Cover
  • Never Flattens
8Nature’s Guest Cervical - Adjustable Cervical Pillow
  • back and Neck Pain Relief
  • Adjustable
  • Cervical Design
Nature’s Guest98
9Sable Premium - Adjustable Down Alternative Pillow
  • cotton Fill
  • Adjustable

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