Best Side Sleeper Pillow with Arm Hole

Are you looking for a pillow that offers ultimate comfort and support?
A pillow with an armhole could be the solution to your sleeping woes. Our guide will help you find a pillow perfectly tailored to your body shape, so you can achieve a restful sleep every night.

Many people find it difficult to sleep on their side because they have trouble keeping their arms in one place. If you’re one of these people, a pillow with an armhole may be the solution you’ve been looking for.
This type of pillow can help you maintain better alignment while you sleep and reduce your shoulder or arm’s chances of developing pain.

Consider Your Sleeping Position and Needs.

When shopping for a pillow with an arm hole, it’s important to figure out the best fit for your body and sleeping position. For example, side sleepers would benefit from a large pillow with an arm slot to fill the space between their shoulder and head. On the other hand, back sleepers would need a softer surface, so their neck does not bend upward too far. Additionally, stomach sleepers need a slim pillow that supports their midsection perfectly to make sure they don’t sink too far into the mattress. Make sure you consider all of these points when choosing a pillow.

Evaluate Different Types of Pillows with Arm Holes

If you’re in the market for a pillow with an arm hole, take some time to evaluate all your options.
Memory foam is an excellent choice for those seeking weightless support, while buckwheat pillows are great for individuals who need more firmness and pressure relief.
Moreover, latex pillows are ideal for allergies because they don’t hold onto dust mites and other irritants.
Take the time to research which type of pillow works best for your specific needs before you make a purchase.

Identify What Features to Look Out For When Shopping for Your Pillow with Arm Hole

Before purchasing a new pillow with an arm hole, identify which features are most important to you.
Look for size and shape options that fit the contours of your body, and consider the fill.
While memory foam is great for providing weightless support, latex or buckwheat may better serve those who need more firmness.
Additionally, temperature control and hypoallergenic properties may be important considerations when making your final decision.
Lastly, think about whether or not you’d like organic or machine-washable fabrics too.

Learn How to Effectively Maintain Your Pillow With an Arm Hole for Long-Lasting Use

To keep your pillow in good condition and running efficiently for many years, it’s best to perform maintenance routinely.
To start, flip the pillow on both sides every several days to ensure that the remains are equally filled.
Vacuum or wipe the surface down with a damp cloth at least once a month to remove dust particles or allergens.
Lastly, air your pillow outdoors from time to time since exposure to fresh air can help keep it smelling clean and brisk.
Follow these simple steps for maximum comfort in the long run!

Benefits of Side Sleeper Pillow with Arm Hole

Like every other sleeping position, sleeping on your side has both bad and good points.

  • Aches and Pains -Side sleepers with neck problems may wake up with aches and pains the next morning since they do not get the proper support during the night. In addition, side sleepers may experience pain in their hips since they are not getting the proper alignment.
  • Numbness – Individuals may like to rest their arm beneath their pillow, which can strain their shoulder and lead to numbness and itching in that arm. Sleeping posture might be the cause of numbness while sleeping. If you’re using the pillow for a side sleeper, you may spend significant time resting directly on a nerve in your arm or leg. You awaken with the feeling of pins and needles in your arm, hands, or feet.
  • Helps Acid Reflux – A side sleeper pillow may provide some relief if you are struggling with acid reflux. Stomach acid is more likely to come up through the esophagus when you sleep on your right side. Sleeping on your left side can also help pregnant women reduce heartburn and GERD symptoms. By keeping the stomach below the esophageal sphincter, gravity helps keep food and acids where they belong—in your stomach.
  • Aids Sleep Apnea – Aside from a side sleeper pillow with an armhole, sleeping pillows for snoring are also recommended for reducing snoring and improving blood flow while sleeping.

On Which Side Should You Sleep?

Lying down on the side sleeper pillow to ensure it's breathable and supportive
You should most definitely be mindful of which side you sleep on, as there is a better side for side sleeping.
Always try to sleep on your LEFT side!

  • This all has to do with the position of your inner organs. By sleeping on your left side, your body naturally sets into a comfortable position, which will aid with digestive issues such as heartburn, GERD, and acid reflux, and help with sleep apnea.
  • Keep in mind that your stomach is better positioned when you are sleeping on your left side, which in turn will diminish the likelihood of gastrointestinal discomforts, which is great for side sleepers who use a pillow with an armhole to level off their bodies and align their spine and neck.

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Characteristics of a Good Arm Pillow

Checking the firmness of the side sleeper pillow
When considering the best options for a pillow that accommodates your arm and shoulders for side sleeping, here are a few factors to look at;

  • Arm support, such as an arm pocket or side panel to rest your arm on.
  • Good contoured support for neck and shoulder.
  • Butterfly shapes with various heights can similarly be a good choice.
  • Neck and arm supporting wings or angles.
  • A horseshoe-shaped contoured pillow.
  • A thicker, designed pillow that allows for a gap between your head.
  • A pillow shaped or stacked with various heights.

How We Test and Score Side Sleeper Pillows with Arm Hole

 Inspecting the filling of the side sleeper pillow if it's soft and comfortable when used
These reviews are based on intense research, analysis, and feedback from our experts and real users from different digital platforms.

We spent 22 hours trying, testing, and scoring these Side Sleeper Pillows with Arm Hole, for different key parameters and then shortlisted the best products in the market, saving you time and effort.

We used the following parameters for our tests and analysis.

  • Design – We analyzed the pillows’ design to see if they are soft and comfortable to use.
  • Pain-Free – We checked how extremely effective the pillows are at soothing skin and minimizing pain while sleeping.
  • Breathability – We checked whether the pillows’ fabric was breathable or caused any sweating.
  • Support – We checked how well the pillows support the user’s body and help maintain better alignment.
  • Adjustability – We tested the pillow’s adjustability to check whether it can be used in any sleep position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Side Sleeper Pillow with Arm Hole

  1. What pillows should you use if you sleep on your side?
    If you are a side sleeper, It typically requires a medium to high loft pillow to keep your head, neck, and spine in appropriate alignment. This normally entails using a pillow with a thickness of at least 4 inches.

  2. Should side sleepers sleep with a pillow?
    If you prefer to sleep on your side, use pillows to relieve pressure on areas of your body that aren’t getting enough support. This is usually your neck and shoulders, depending on your body type.

  3. What is the point of side sleeper pillow with arm hole?
    Side sleeper pillows with arm hole are designed to assist side-sleepers in finding their most comfortable sleeping position. These pillows minimize shoulder pain while sleeping and keep your arms from falling asleep at night.

  4. How do you pick a side sleeper pillow?
    When purchasing a pillow, try to hold it or lie down as if you were going to sleep on it and see how it feels. Make sure your head is aligned with your spine, your neck is supported, and you like how the material squashes beneath your head.

Reviews: The Best Arm Sleeper Pillows

Here is a list of the best pillow for arm sleepers to help you find one that suits your needs.
We hope you love the arm sleeper pillows we recommend!
So that you know, We may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98.1

The MedCline Pillow is ideal for arm sleeping and similarly for medical conditions such as acid reflux and GERD.
  • This pillow is clinically proven to reduce heartburn effectively, acid reflux, coughing, choking, and nausea, all symptoms of GERD.
  • The medicine pillow features a convenient arm pocket, which aids in relieving pressure from the arm and shoulder you are lying on.
  • This pillow with an arm tunnel is ideal for almost any sleeping position.
  • This pillow is available in three sizes to fit any body size and shape.
  • It is covered in a washable and removable pure cotton casing.

  • Prevent Shoulder Pain.
  • Variety of Sizes Available.
  • Full-Body Support.
  • Zipper Is Not Very Sturdy.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%96.75

The Better Sleep Pillow is a soft Goose Down Fill Pillow with a comfortable arm tunnel for side sleepers.
  • The side sleeper pillow with an armhole has two arm tunnels with a thick layer of padding over them for more room to burrow your arms in.
  • The pillow’s ergonomic design is ideal for relieving back and neck pain and improving spinal alignment.
  • The fill consists of soft goose-down feathers, and there is a comfortable and natural cover.
  • Aside from side sleepers, this design is ideal for back and neck pain.
  • The design is ideal for side sleepers.

  • Relieves Pressure.
  • Multi-Purpose.
  • Comfortable Padding.
  • Needs to be cleaned regularly.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%95.5

The Coisum Cervical Pillow is ideal for neck and shoulder pain, as it offers excellent support and alignment while reducing pressure on your arm and shoulder.
  • Offers exceptional orthopedic relief for side sleepers in particular.
  • It will stop numbness and tingling in the arm you are laying on and keep your head from rolling out of a stable position.
  • Unique butterfly shape for even better head and cervical support.
  • The pillowcase is removable, and it takes only a few minutes to wash the pillow.
  • It is completely hypoallergenic so it won’t make itchiness or discomfort.
  • Centipur-US-certified materials are used for filling the Coisum pillow for arm sleepers, ensuring the durability and longevity of the product.

  • Eliminate Snoring.
  • Great For Face-Down Sleepers.
  • Great Quality.
  • It may be too firm for some users.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%94.75

An excellent choice of portable and contoured pillow, you can soundly sleep in almost any position with Remedy Contour.
  • Features a design that will not pressure the arm you are sleeping on.
  • A small contoured pillow with an additional ear hole for individuals who suffer from ear pain.
  • This pillow is the perfect size for traveling.
  • Enjoy full-body comfort and support for a sound sleeping experience all night long.

  • Zoey Sleep pillow is designed to reduce pains caused by sleeping on the sides.
  • Moreover, the pillow is adjustable; you can add or remove the foam to contour the pillow to your neck and shoulder structure.
  • The pillow is plush and provides a luxurious feel while you sleep. And these pillows are CertiPUR-US and OEKO certified.
  • Plus, the pillow’s fabric is breathable and doesn’t let you get hot and sweaty at night.

The MedCline Side Sleeping Pillow has a unique design to accommodate your arms, keeping them comfortable and free from excess pressure.
  • A wedge pillow that is ideal for neck and shoulder pain.
  • Offers a slight incline position for sleeping and seating.
  • There is a handy arm hole to rest your arm to prevent you from sliding down and reduce pressure on your arms.
  • Firm and comfortable support, made from durable and hypoallergenic materials.

A firm, solid foam pillow for optimal support with a handy arms rest area from Therapeutica.
  • A therapeutic pressure and pain-relieving firm pillow.
  • It is filled with high-density solid foam.
  • An exceptional ergonomic design that supports your head, neck, shoulders, and arms.
  • This product is endorsed by medical practitioners for its excellent spin and health-promoting capabilities.

A very versatile and supportive wedge-style pillow that offers therapeutic support and relief to your entire body.
  • Ideal for pain and pressure relief, as well as improving spinal alignment.
  • It is filled with high-density foam and a smooth, washable zippered cover.
  • The design allows optimal side and back sleeping with an arm resting space and a slightly elevated design.
  • Ideal if you have health issues as well as for CPAP users.

A unique hollow-designed contoured arm pillow for side sleeping.
  • Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow with Contour Design is designed to provide the best comfort and support. It provides an ideal sleep posture by aligning your head, neck, shoulder, and back.
  • Moreover, it is a bestseller product with an excellent design to reduce cervical vertebra and spine stress.
  • And the ergonomic design follows the curve of your body to keep air passages clear and reduce snoring.
  • Besides, the pillow core is made of dense memory foam to provide the ultimate support and comfort.

Confirming how supportive and durable are the Elviros side sleeper pillow

This pillow has a contoured shape that is ideal for arm sleeping offering optimal support.
  • The Best option for side sleeping with a contoured design to support your arms.
  • Full neck, head, and back support and pain relief.
  • It is made from Hypoallergenic natural materials.
  • Machine washable and premium quality.

The pillow is the best pillow with an arm tunnel and is also excellent to use by couples.
  • The Pillow has a memory foam fill that molds and contours your shape.
  • There is an arm tunnel for placing your arm in.
  • The cover is removable and washable.
  • This pillow is also ideal for use by couples sleeping together.

The Sleep Yoga Pillow is an arm support pillow with a comfortable cooling cover.
  • The Pillow consists of 80% cotton for a soft and comfortable fill.
  • The arm support design provides comfort, and the pillow fully supports the neck and shoulders.
  • The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably sleep on either side without straining your shoulders.
  • The Cover consists of breathable and cooling Cotton Cool Max technology blends.

This pillow for side sleepers with armholes from Locyop has a unique tunnel design and a memory foam inner.
  • There is a 100% Polyurethane core, an Ice Sile Cover, and an ABS plastic steel frame in the design.
  • The fill is memory foam in a high density for a better rebound.
  • The design offers a comfortable armhole for sleeping and other multiple uses.
  • The cover is also machine washable.

Index Table: Arm Sleeper Pillows

1MedCline Side Sleeper Pillow - With Arm Hole for Acid Reflux
  • Arm Pocket
  • Memory Foam
  • Wedge Pillow
2Better Sleep Goose Down - Pillow with Arm Tunnel
  • Goose Down Fill
  • Arm Tunnel
  • Ergonomic Design
Better Sleep97.9
3Coisum Contour - Side Sleeping Pillow for Cervical
  • Contoured
  • Memory Foam
  • Orthopedic
4Remedy Contour - Home and Travel Arm Pillow
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Portable
  • Contoured
  • Ear Hole
5Zoey Sleep Adjustable - Side Sleeping Pillow with Arm Hole
  • Ergonomic
  • Breathable
Zoey Sleep97
6MedCline Shoulder Relief - Orthopedic Arm Pillow System
  • Non-Arm Pocket
  • Shoulder Support
7Therapeutica Orthopedic - Side sleeping Pillow
  • Theraputic Support
  • Solid Foam
8Nova Wedge - Side Sleeper Pillow With Arm Cutout
  • High density Foam
  • Washable Cover
9Elviros Cervical - Memory Foam Pillow with Arm Hole
  • Erogonomic
  • Orthopedic
10Nature’s Guest Adjustable - Contoured Arm Sleeping Pillow
  • Contoured
  • Pain Relief
Nature’s Guest97
11Homca Anti Pressure - Arm Sleeping Pillow for Couples
  • Memory Foam
  • Arm Tunnel Couples Design
12Sleep Yoga Side Sleeper - Arm Support Pillow
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Cotton Cool Max Cooling Cover
  • Cotton
Sleep Yoga94.5
13ALEVMOOM Slow Rebound - Side Sleeper Arm Hole Pillow
  • Includeed Eyemask and Ear Plugs
  • Arm Hole Design
  • Slow Rebound Fill

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