Jute Pillow Covers

Are you looking to upgrade your living space? Find a perfect addition with these Jute Pillow Covers made of natural fibers. The pillow covers are available in different blended designs and weaving to match your style.

Besides, these are easy to clean and maintain with spot cleaning. Keep reading to find more about the material and look for while buying.

Moreover, you can be stress-free in terms of their availability. The jute covers can easily be used for covering all types of pillows from the best heavy pillows to soft pillows.

Buying Considerations For Jute Pillow Covers

Jute pillows are sturdy in material and look stylish anywhere around the house or on the patio furniture. Here are some major details to consider while looking for pillow covers.

  • Design – Jute pillow covers come in various designs like geometric, crisscross, braided, and embroidered. You can pick the one that will look great with your decor.
  • Size – There are several sizes and shapes like circular, square, and rectangular to choose from. Look for a snuggly fit around the pillow insert.
  • Maintenance – See that the jute pillow cover has easy maintenance features of spot-cleaning and dry-cleaning. It is advisable not to wash as the natural fabric may lose its looks.
  • Versatility – Get a versatile design and blend it with your living room and bedroom. You can choose the natural shades for an all-weather appeal.

Benefits Of Jute Pillow Covers

Jute material has a lesser carbon footprint, which is more sustainable for the environment. Besides, it is biodegradable and more durable than any other fabric. Here is a list of other major benefits of using jute pillow covers.

  • Comfortable – These pillow covers are supportive and comfortable. Blending the jute with cotton ensures the material is not abrasive on the skin.
  • Soft – The blended jute pillow covers are soft to the touch and highly durable simultaneously. Despite heavy-duty use, they have a longer life, making them ideal for outdoor furniture.
  • Warm – Jute is warm to the touch and ideal for a home’s fall and winter decor. You can find festive, colorful prints to add to the collection of throw pillows.
  • Natural – The fabric is woven from natural jute fibers extracted from the plant. It has a natural golden silky appearance and shine.

Features Of Jute Pillow Covers

Jute pillow covers are easy to style and have a contemporary vacation vibe. Here are some more features for an effortless upgrade in your living area.

  • Easy-Clean – Jute is easy to clean and maintain with spot cleaning methods. Water may affect the material, so you don’t need to wash the jute pillow covers.
  • Quick Assemble – The pillow covers come with a zipper closure that is easy to open to remove and insert the fillings.
  • Colorful – Jute pillow covers come in rustic natural designs and colorful patterns with bright designs and combinations.
  • Rustic – The natural golden hue of jute fabric gives it a rustic look that is unachievable by any other fabric.

Reviews: Best Jute Pillow Covers

We have listed some of the best Jute Pillow Covers with their features for you to choose from. You will find versatile pillow covers with trendy designs.
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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  • This is a Lamina Metallic Foil Jute Cover designed by SARO LIFESTYLE.
  • It is made with 100% Jute for a traditional and natural pillow cover.
  • The pillow cover comes with a zipper closure on the back for convenience.
  • It measures 20 x 20 inches in size and comes in a set of 2.

  • Get this natural jute pillow cover from Labhanshi with a unique braided design in a blend of jute and cotton.
  • The blend makes the pillow soft and extremely sturdy for extended durable use throughout the year.
  • This pillow cover has a convenient zipper closure to insert and remove the pillow fillings.
  • These pillows are handmade, giving each one a unique design and custom look.
  • Moreover, the jute used in crafting these pillow covers is recycled, hence good for the environment.

  • Get this geometric designer jute pillow cover from Trade Star Exports Store with a colorful pattern design.
  • It has a jute and wool blend ideal for fall and winters to keep you warm and comfortable in the bed or couch.
  • You can place the combination of these vibrant pillow covers on the sofa, chairs, rugs, and bed for an instant style upgrade.
  • These pillow covers have a cotton backing with a zipper enclosure that is lightweight and sturdy.
  • Several multicolor designs and patterns to choose from if you are color coordinating with your furniture.

  • Choose these decorative pillow covers from boho Living that are perfect if your style is chic and rustic.
  • These pillow covers look amazing with any solid color decor to get a vacation boho vibe at your home.
  • The pillow cover surface is soft and comfortable as blended with cotton.
  • You can add a calming charm to your home with the braided natural jute design of these pillow covers.
  • The pillow cover fabric is stain-resistant, which can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and air drying method.

  • Consider these LR Home jute accent pillow covers with an insert in a rectangular shape.
  • It is a soft blend of cotton, polyester, and jute to create a plush and comfortable throw pillow for your living room.
  • This perfect piece of vibrant striped design brings your decor and furniture together.
  • The pillow cover is easy to clean with spot cleaning solutions or DIY cleaning sprays. You can later air dry it or dab it with a dry cloth.
  • Each pillow cover piece is handcrafted, giving attention to all the details and no compromise with comfort.

  • Get this pillow cover from The HomeCentric with a jute embroidered design on art silk fabric.
  • The pillow cover has a handmade design that will bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home.
  • This pillow cover has a unique lumbar supportive design with an appropriate filling.
  • You can choose different designs and colors to make your home look fresh and vibrant.
  • The pillow cover is available in different sizes to suit your requirements.

  • This is a Jute Pillow Cover designed by The Home Talk.
  • Jute is a high-quality, long-lasting material that is pleasant to touch and lie on. The high-quality fabric elegantly conceals your previous pillow patterns.
  • The zipper is in the back, and the fabric is the same on both sides.
  • Only the pillow coverings are included. The pillow fillings are not.

  • This is a Kilim Indian Jute Pillow Cover designed by Trade Star Exports.
  • It features a beautiful and classy design that complements a variety of decorations.
  • The pillow cover is handwoven with Jute, which gives it a traditional and eco-friendly finish.
  • It measures 18 x 18 inches in size and comes without inserts.

Index Table: Top-Rated Jute Pillow Covers

1SARO LIFESTYLE Lamina - Metallic Foil Jute Cover
  • Natural
  • 20 x 20 Inches
2Labhanshi Braided - Natural Jute Pillow Covers
  • Woven
  • Handmade
3Trade Star Exports Geometric - Jute Kilim Pillow Covers
  • Multicolor
  • Zippered
Trade Star Exports95
4Boho Living Chic - Decorative Jute Pillow Covers
  • Rustic
  • Easy-Clean
Boho Living98
5LR Home Striped - Jute Accent Pillow Covers
  • Rectangular
  • Intricate
LR Home97.8
6The HomeCentric Floral - Embroidered Jute Pillow Covers
  • Supportive
  • Comfy
The HomeCentric97.5
7The Home Talk Natural - Fiber Jute Cushion Cover
  • Quality Fabric
  • Durable
The Home Talk97.1
8Trade Star Exports Kilim - Indian Jute Pillow Cover
  • Handwoven
  • 18 x 18 Inches
Trade Star Exports96.7

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