Best Knee Pillow for Sleeping & Good Posture

Good posture is one of the keys to staying healthy and maintaining great sleep.

A good position is also critical to avoid the causes of back pain before they occur or to assist in back pain treatment.

Knee pillows are a commonly known back pain remedy and knowing what is the best knee pillow for you will only help you to sleep pain-free at night.

Best Knee Pillow

How Bad Knee’s Posture Contributes to Back Pain & Poor Sleep

Many people struggle to sleep at night due to upper or lower back pain. This is a result of having bad posture for an extended period and will put your spine out.

The back pain will only get worse the more time that goes by, often putting excess pressure on the hips, neck, and shoulders.

If even more time goes by, this back pain can evolve into a back condition, such as sciatica, spondylolisthesis or scoliosis.

Having a back that’s out of alignment can also block blood flow, especially when sleeping on your side.
When your knees touch, they can block the blood flow if your hips are out of alignment and cause pain, resulting in a lack of sleep.

This can also result in swelling or conditions such as Edema. Symptoms of Edema include swelling in the ankles or hips and pain in the joints.

Why Knee Pillows Are Essential for Back Pain Relief & Better Sleep

It is a wise idea to invest in a knee pillow to aid your posture at night and help to give back pain relief (as well as avoiding medical bills) for years to come.

Knee pillows are also highly recommended by medical experts for Edema and the pregnant woman, providing better back support to compensate for the extra weight in utero.

Knee pillows help to support your hips if you sleep on your side by providing a layer of cushioning between the knees.

Other types of knee pillows can be used to elevate your feet, inserted under the knees. These are particularly great if you suffer from pitting Edema or swelling in the ankles.

All types of these medical pillows prevent blocked blood flow and alleviate lower and upper back pain. Having a knee pillow is also indicated for herniated discs or problems occurring from a pinched nerve.

What to Check for in the Best Knee Pillows

The best knee pillow should be able to provide enough spacing between your knees so your back is straight and your knees don’t knock against each other. It should allow for proper blood flow to your feet and be a comfortable match for you.

There are a few different materials they can be made from, such as latex, polyester, water, down feathers and sometimes even buckwheat hulls. Latex and polyester provide allergenic reactions in some people but are usually the most affordably priced options.

Memory foam is the best material to look for in a knee pillow as it retains your shape while it’s warm (such as from body heat) and loses the impression when colder. This gives the ultimate flexibility topped with maximum comfort. Memory foam is also noted to be the most health pillow material with minimal allergens or contaminants.

Reviews: The Best Knee Pillows

Here is our reviews for the best knee pillows available in the market today;

  • One of the top medical maternity pillows on the market, the MED-X Knee Pillow is also highly recommended for Sciatic Nerve, leg or back pains.
  • Orthopedic medical professionals recommend this product.
  • The MED-X Knee Pillow is made from memory foam which is precisely what makes it one of the best knees pillows an incredibly affordable price!
  • The breathable fabric used in the pillow’s covering makes it convenient for sleep – no need to worry about excessive sweating.
  • Shaped perfectly in the form of an hour glass, this pillow fits conveniently between your knees and provides comfort all night long.

  • If you are searching for the best sleeping solution to your knee pain and simply just don’t want your knees to touch during the night, the Pull-On Knee Cushion is a right fit for you!
  • Essentially a comfortable, plushy sleeve or band that goes around your knee, the pull-on knee cushion ensures that your knees do not touch during the course of the night.
  • Possibly the easiest to use of all knee pillows, this can also be suitable for patients recovering from a hip operation.
  • One size fits all, and the product is for both males and females. It comes in the colors of blue or green.

  • This pillow works in action as the name may suggest, by being fitted underneath your legs and elevating them to alleviate al sorts of back pains.
  • The elevating leg rest pillow provides support to your knees from behind and is thus suitable for you if you sleep on your back.
  • Improve your blood circulation in your legs and dramatically alleviate the symptoms of pain concerning swelling! Particularly useful for Edema or varicose veins patients.
  • The cover is made from poly-cotton and is highly durable. This pillow will last you for many fulfilling nights of painless sleep.

  • A very versatile knee pillow, the Smart Knee Pillow comes with a full array of solutions for the chronic pain victim.
  • The product comes complete with removable padding that locks in neatly with the main pillow or can be removed depending on your padding needs.
  • Unlike usual knee pillows, the Smart Knee Pillow makes use of a wrap around the knee design to hold the pillow in place while you rest. Also, comes with a belt for additional fastening for those that sleep a bit more restlessly.
  • A perfect partner in promoting perfect posture, the Smart Knee Pillow will provide you with pain relief by being sensitive to your unique needs.

  • Top of the range in the knee pillow niche, the Knee-T DLX Knee Pillow provides you with the support you need to reduce excess back pains.
  • Medical professionals worldwide have endorsed this product, and its reputation is well known.
  • Made from non-allergenic materials, this is the best possible solution for somebody who doesn’t do well with synthetic fibers in their pillows.
  • Made from luxurious memory-foam and guaranteed to hold you comfortable all night long and ensure the best possible sleep.
  • The cherry on top about this product is that you can bill it to your medical insurance, making this product not only a top of the top but the greatest price too!


The ComfiLife Knee Pillow has a supportive contoured design and a plush memory foam filling to help relieve back, knee and hip pain.

  • Features an ergonomic design which fits comfortably between your knees.
  • Filled with premium quality Memory Foam that is high density, in order to keep its shape over time.
  • Keeps your legs hips and spine in perfect alignment and posture.
  • An easy to clean and highly breathable cover.


An outstanding model from Everlasting Comfort, their adjustable knee pillow comes with a strap to keep it in place and additional earplugs for a relaxing nights rest.

  • Keep the pillow perfectly between your knees with the adjustable hook and loop strap.
  • Comes with included earplugs made from soft and durable memory foam.
  • Filled with soft and resilient Memory foam with an ergonomic curved design.
  • Ensures that there is just the right amount of spacing between your legs for correct posture.


This half moon bolster pillow is designed uniquely for back sleepers who need to put their legs up with ultimate knee comfort and support.

  • Ensures the most effective pain relief by supporting your back, legs, knees, and hips.
  • Ideal for pregnant women and those who are post-surgery.
  • Filled with 100% Visco-Elastic and hypoallergenic Memory Foam.
  • Covered with a breathable and cooling cotton cover.

Index Table: Top Rated Knee Pillows

1MED-X Memory Foam Wedge - Pain Relief Knee Pillow
  • Medical grade material
  • Memory foam
2PalliPartners Pull-On Cushion - Knee Pillow
  • Pull-On
  • Machine Washable
3Essential Medical Elevating Leg - Knee Pillow for Back Sleepers
  • Dense foam
  • Washable cover
Essential Medical94
4LC Innovations Smart Adjustable Wedge - Back Pain and Knee Pillow
  • Adjustable
  • Patented wrapper
LC Innovations95
5Knee-T Memory Foam - Full Lenght Knee Pillow
  • Memory foam
  • Knee, Calf & Ankle Support
6ComfiLife Orthopedic - Knee Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Contoured
  • Breathable
7Everlasting Comfort Adjustable - Memory Foam Knee Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Orthopedic Contour
Everlasting Comfort97
8Beautiful Life Pain Relief - Half Moon Bolster Knee Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Orthopedic
Beautiful Life96

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