Best Emoji Pillows

One of the most important and popular marketing trends in 2017 was Emoji. That said, these fun little faces and characters are to be found everywhere you go and marketed as almost anything.

Even Emoji pillows have become quite popular today.

If you are someone that enjoys emojis and like to incorporate them into your home, or even as a gift for someone, why not opt for a Big Emoji Pillow

What are Emojis Exactly

Firstly, what exactly are emojis, and where do they come from?
Emojis are small pictures or pictographs that depict emotions and other messages you can add to your messages on social media.

They were initially invented in 1990 by the Japanese designed Shigetaka Kurita and inspired by the Japanese kanji, designed as small black and white images.

Apple was the one to introduce the first emoji collection within a hidden keyboard inside one of their first iPhones.

Users quickly caught on, and many started using these emojis in their messages. Soon after that, Android likewise created their own set of emojis for their devices. Until today, Emojis are so widespread that even our grandparents can communicate using them.

So what is the actual difference between Emoji and Emoticon, as many of us are wondering?

Well, before the era of emojis, we started with emoticons. They are basically just smiley faces frowning faces, and crying faces, among others, that people created using symbols available on their keyboards and still use today. These are the first emoticons ever used, whereas today, they are evolved to what we know as emojis.

Emojis are specific faces and characters that you find on most keyboards for mobile and other devices that add a picture of a smiling face, among many other small pictures, to your messaging.

Thus, emojis are rather the improved emoticons of today.

Emojis are not just used as add ons to messages on your devices today, but they can also be found on merchandise and for advertising.

You can find emoji plush toys, mugs, clothing, and everything else, even emoji pillows, as we will discuss today.

Uses for Emoji Pillows

So, what would be the use of a large emoji pillow?

  • Parties and Sleepovers – For dress-up parties, birthday parties, and even sleepovers, emoji pillows can be loads of fun. Who knows you can even make up a game using them?
  • Gifts – Emoji pillows can be a fun and quirky gift for someone, especially someone who collects them.
  • Decor – Emoji pillows make for great décor in your room or home if you are someone who likes this type of décor or theme.
  • Children’s Rooms – Emoji pillows are so much fun to use in children’s rooms and can be functional as well as decorative.
  • Other Uses – Emoji pillows may also be a great collector’s item if you are into that sort of thing. They are quite widely available.

Features of a Good Big Emoji Pillow

Emoji Heart Eyes Pillow

  • Cover – Make sure that the cover is durable and well-constructed. Most Emoji pillows will have movable covers that you may be able to wash. The cover can be smooth or plush, consisting of cotton or polyester.
  • Fill – For the fill, you may use polyester, cotton, Styrofoam, and other forms of materials for a soft or firm pillow.
  • Size – In this article, we look at larger-sized Emoji pillows rather than the usual smaller pocket or hand-sized plush toy pillows. The sizes may vary according to brand and model, as you will see.
  • Options – Emoji pillows come in a variety of options. We have chosen some of the most used options: the heart Eyes, Smiley face, and Poo sign. Though as you will see, there are many more options available.

Reviews: The Best Big Emoji Pillows

These are some of our top favorite big emoji pillows that are available today;
We hope you love the products we recommend!
So that you know, We may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98

  • From EyZ, we have the top favorite emoji face with heart eyes design.
  • It is a 32cm diameter large emoji pillow with a plush cover,
  • It consists of polyester and polypropylene and has soft stuffing.
  • The pillow can be machine washed and hung to dry.

  • Another popular emoji is the poo face that we have here from EyZ.
  • It is a 35 cm-sized large poo-shaped emoji with a smiling face.
  • The pillow has a plus soft cover and soft fill.
  • The ideal git for someone and the perfect size.

  • The Laugh Till You Cry emoticon is also a fun idea as an emoji pillow.
  • It is a large size at 32 cm and 10cm thick.
  • The yellow face laughs with tears running down.
  • The pillow has a soft plush cover and soft fill consisting of polyester.

  • This is a Purple Devil head Emoji Pillow.
  • The pillow has a soft plush cover with a thick and plush fill.
  • It is completely purple with an evil grin and devil horns.
  • The emoji pillow is also large in size.

  • Something a bit different from the “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil” range is this no evil monkey emoji.
  • You also hear no evil and see no evil monkey in this range.
  • It is a soft plush pillow in a large size.
  • The pillow is 14 inches in diameter in has a thick filling.

  • They also have a cat emoji with similar heart eyes, a top favorite.
  • The pillow is super soft and ideal for snuggling with.
  • It has a fun cat’s face with heart eyes for love.
  • The emoji pillow is also a very generous size.

Index Table: Top Rated Big Emoji Pillows

1EyZ Heart Eyes - Big Emoji Pillow
  • Yellow
  • Plush
  • Large
2EyZ Poo face - Big Emoji Pillow
  • Large
  • Poo Face
  • Brown
3New York Emoji Laugh Till You Cry - Big Emoji Pillow
  • Large
  • Smiley
  • Yellow
New York Emoji97
4EvZ devil head - Big Emoji Pillow
  • Purple
  • Plush
  • Devil Head
5generic Speak No Evil - Big Monkey Emoji Pillow
  • Large Size
  • Monkey Design
6Ty CAT - Big Cat Heart Eye Emoji Pillow
  • Large Size
  • Super Soft

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