The Top 12 Best Reading Pillows

Sitting at a desk or lying in bed while reading can lead to some of the worst feelings of back pain.

With the right book reading pillow, you can relax your back and read comfortably for more extended periods with very little or absolutely zero back pain.

How Reading A Book Can Damage Your Back

Studies have shown that reading a book can exert strain over the muscles of our back and affect our posture.

Strain exert can result in upper or lower back damage if one is not careful.
This is due to sitting or lying in the same position for many hours with a good book.
Often we hold our shoulders tense while we sit at odd angles for our bodies, causing our spines to go out.

Aside from the worst possible outcomes of chronic back conditions, such as scoliosis or multiple sclerosis, reading can also strain your neck muscles.

If one is careless, the results can even lead to a slipped or herniated disc in the spinal column, especially in members of the elderly community.

In all the above examples of back damage caused by reading, the books mentioned were hard copies.
E-books are a newer type of book and fast outgrowing paper books. They also, however, add a whole new dimension of back damage when overlooked.

Ebooks are not suitable for your eyes, and no matter how we think about it, sitting at an electronic device is devastating on the spine without the right support.

How Specialized Reading Pillows Prevent Back Strain

Back injury from reading at a funny angle can be effectively treated with the use of the proper reading pillow.

You will get full support of your spine and neck while being able to enjoy your book. This will prevent damage to your upper and lower back.

While the best reading pillow can support you, it can also offer pain relief to anybody who uses one.

When the back or neck is in pain, the tendency for us is to tense up and not relax. This makes the pain even worse. With a reading pillow, you can let the pillow do the work and recline back, allowing the healing process to take place naturally.

If you need a solution for a severe back condition, an excellent reading pillow will assist you with faster recovery but is not the ultimate cure.

Consult a medical professional to find out more information on how to treat complicated back problems.

Properties that Constitute a Good Bed Reading Pillow

  • Accommodation – The best reading pillows must be able to accommodate your weight, size, back, and neck without any signs of pain or strain on your back.

  • Back Support – They should allow you to recline back into the most comfortable position for you and still provide you with sufficient spine support that you do not damage your back.

  • Orthopedic – Just like all orthopedic pillows, reading pillows have similar materials.

  • Materials – You can get them made from foam, foam shreds, memory foam, polyester, feathers, and more. Experts recommend getting a pillow made from foam, especially memory foam, as it holds your natural shape and is renowned for optimal back and neck support.

  • Arm Support – Depending on your reading habits, the best reading pillow for you might include arms for your arms to rest on or not.

  • Neck Support – All reading pillows should be able to support your neck and back together, but most importantly, your neck. This will protect your neck when you incline it at an angle to read.

Reviews: The Best Reading Pillows

Here are some of the most comfortable bed reading pillows you should consider;

Score: 97.3
  • This pillow makes a great reading pillow, also ideal for relaxing in bed or watching TV.
  • Ergonomically to support all shapes, the pillow has a headrest as well as a slight curve for lower back and lumbar support.
  • The Avana Support Pillow comes inclusive with a knee rest and an extra “back scoop” to hold the entire pillow upright.
  • It is made from polyester covers and memory foam for maximum reading comfort.
  • The covers are machine washable, durable, and convenient to maintain or keep clean.
  • Available in brown, black, and beige – select the color of your choice and make reading a pleasurable experience for yourself!

  • Provides you with back and neck support while reading, working or watching TV.
  • It is filled with shredded foam to facilitate a comfortable experience and allowing you to recline.
  • Support of this reading pillow will provide back and neck pain relief to patients with back or neck injuries.
  • This reading pillow comes with reclining arms on either side, giving you more choices for what position you can comfortably assume.
  • Has a carry handle on top to make it portable – read in any spot you like without receiving back damages!
  • The pillow cover is made from luxurious velour and will last a long time without wear and tear.

  • Very innovative reading pillow that can double as a book holder, freeing up your hands and proving you with maximum comfort.
  • Also suitable for holding up tablets and ebook reading devices.
  • Recline and rest your neck while lying down with a good book.
  • Frees up your hands conveniently for taking notes if required.
  • Alleviates arm, neck, and back pain associated with holding a book up for too long.
  • Compact design allows the Peeramid Pillow to be transported with you wherever you go.
  • This pillow can be maintained with a damp cloth and comes in many vibrant colors that you can choose.

  • Soft velour cover will allow your skin to breath, which prevents spontaneous sweating.
  • The cover is made from bamboo fibers and supports sustainable design practices.
  • An ideal pillow for sitting in bed with a good book or watching TV, the Z-Foam Reading Pillow will support your neck and back while doing so.
  • The product is highly durable with a 3-year warranty.
  • The foam filling is shredded, which allows to optimal support that is not compromised in comfort. Read your book at your leisure without worrying about any pain or ailments.
  • The neutral dark gray color can match most decor.

  • Invented by Dr. Robert Swezey M.D., this pillow will provide the ultimate back pain relief to any reader or TV watcher.
  • This pillow will also provide shoulder support and comes with arms on either side so you can rest while holding up your book or recline with optimal comfort.
  • More durable than most reading pillows, this one comes loaded with a skeletal structure to hold the person up. This also provides the maximum back support possible!
  • A comfortable neck pillow on top aids neck pain and allows you to relax while reclining.
  • It comes in a vast array of beautiful colors to choose from.


The Milliard Reading Pillow is an excellent backrest for reading and even gaming or watching television.

  • Filled with plush and supportive memory foam.
  • A Velour outer cover with a zipper that is easily machine washable.
  • CertiPUR certified and available in different size options.
  • Highly resilient and durable.


From Brentwood Originals, we have the plush and colorful range of reading and gaming pillows explicitly designed for children.

  • It offers superb support for young necks and backs as well as cushioned comfort.
  • Available in many fun and bright colors with a shaggy plush cover that is easy to spot clean.
  • Portable and ideal for young children and teenagers.


Enjoy extra comfort and support with this memory foam reading, pregnancy, and gaming pillow.

  • It is ideal for reading and gaming, and especially perfect for pregnant women.
  • It comes with an adjustable bolster cushion with a removable and washable cover.
  • Multiple storage pockets, for your convenience.
  • Ultra-soft and supportive.

  • Made in USA.
  • Provides back & neck support for maximum comfort while reading in bed.
  • Comes in various sizes.

  • A large back support cushion for reading or sitting and watching Television.
  • It comes with a soft velvet cover available in a few color selections.
  • Available in different bed size options to choose from.
  • Soft and comfortable and also ideal to use as a headboard pillow.

  • Supportive back and neck reading pillow available in many color selections to choose from.
  • Sidearms rest and supportive hugging back design.
  • It comes with a 100% washable and removable cotton cover.
  • Plush fills are made from fabric that is manufactured from recycled plastic.

  • A supportive pillow for your back and neck, with a detachable neck roll.
  • It is filled with high quality hypoallergenic shredded foam for softness and comfort.
  • A zippered washable cover that us comfortable and durable,
  • Versatile with Shredded memory foam for sleeping and seated comfort.

Index Table: Top Rated Reading in Bed Pillows

1Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Comfort System - Complete Comfort Reading Pillows System
  • Memory Foam Coating
  • Knee Rest
  • Back Scoop
2LinenSpa Shredded Foam - TV and Reading Pillow
  • Shredded Foam
  • Reclining Arms
3Hog Wild Peeramid - Reading Pillow
  • Micro-fiber Fabric
  • Easy Clean
Hog Wild95
4Z Foam Filled - Reading Pillow With Velour Cover
  • Bamboo Fibers Cover
  • Shredded Foam
5BedLounge Back Wedge - Back Support Comfort Reading Pillow
  • Back Support
  • Neck Support
  • Hypoallergenic
6Milliard Memory Foam - Reading and Gaming Pillow
  • Memory Faom Fill
  • Washable Cover
7Brentwood Originals - Reading Pillow For Kids
  • Plush
  • Many Colors
  • Versatile
8Xtra-Comfort Reading - Pillow for Reading and Gaming
  • Versatile
  • Memory Foam
  • Storage Pocket
9WOWMAX Triangular Reading in Bed Pillow - Large Bolster Support Wedge Pillow
  • Back & neck support
  • Removable Cover
10Vercart Large - Sofa Bed Reading Pillow
  • Removable Cover
  • Color Options
11Greendale Home Fashions - Pillow
  • washable Cover
  • Color Options
  • Arm Rests
12Sunnyside Bedrest - Reading Bed Pillow
  • Neck Support
  • Shredded Foam Fill

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