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Below we have detailed info on why you need a maternity pillow during pregnancy, what different types of pillows you can expect, and some of their best features.

The Importance of Having Maternity and Nursing Pillows

When a woman becomes pregnant, she carries extra water and weight. Her spine is also pushed into a different position, and many of the organs. This is the first and foremost reason a maternity pillow is vital: comfort! With excess weight and physiological changes, finding a restful sleeping position can be incredibly difficult. A maternity pillow will help to give a pregnant tummy, knees, back, and hips the support it needs to get a good night’s sleep.

The next reason it’s essential is that pregnant and nursing women tend to become exhausted. Having a pillow to support yourself and the baby while breastfeeding can make a world of difference. Most maternity pillows can be doubled up as nursing pillows, allowing you to sit or lay down in your favorite position while feeding your newborn.

Different Types of Maternity and Nursing Pillows

There are a few different types of maternity and nursing pillows for you to choose from.

  • C Shaped Body Pillow – A C shaped body pillow curls in on both sides and supports your entire body. This is great for supporting your back or belly while pregnant.
  • Standard Body Pillow – A standard body pillow will also work well, but not quite as well as a U or C-shaped one. The standard one is akin to an extra-long bed pillow, straight and rectangular.
  • U-Shaped Body Pillow – This is the most deluxe pregnancy and maternity pillow you can get. The legs of a U shape pillow are fully adjustable, allowing you to sleep comfortably, sit propped up properly and feed the baby after birth.
  • Breast Feeding Pillow – A breastfeeding pillow is commonly shaped like a small horseshoe, helping you to prop the baby up for nursing. This helps, especially when one feels exhausted.

Also, you can check out some best pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers if you are someone who can’t resist sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy.

Features of a Good Maternity Nursing Pillow

These features are necessary if you are looking to buy the best maternity and nursing pillow possible.

  • Organic – An organic cover or pillow is an excellent idea, as this will be the safest for the baby. If this is not available so easily, look for a pillow free from harmful chemicals.
  • Adjustable – An adjustable pillow has multiple uses and is far more comfortable. Many maternity pillows allow you to use them in more than one way, getting the best possible comfort out of them.
  • Removable Cover – The pillow should have a removable cover. If the pillow has an odd shape, such as being C or U-shaped, opt for a cover with a zipper, as this will make it a lot easier to take on and off.
  • Hypoallergenic – Make sure the pillow is made with hypoallergenic materials. If you have a particular allergy, then there is a high chance that your baby does too!
  • Adaptive – Foam pillows tend to be the most adaptive, forming a specialized contour around your unique body shape. This makes for exceptional comfort for both you and the baby. Please ensure these pillows are chemical-free, with a pure cotton cover, and they provide firm enough support.

Reviews: Best Maternity & Nursing Pillows

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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 99.1

  • This C-shaped pillow is the perfect sleep time companion for a pregnant mom in need of some additional support.
  • Snuggle up in style and comfort as the pillow supports your back or your stomach during your hours of need.
  • The snoogle maternity pillow is made to last long and is easy to fluff up when it becomes too flat after using it for a while.
  • Includes a removable cover (without a zipper) that you can take off and machine wash for convenience.
  • Designed and patented by a caring nurse and dedicated mother who saw a need for a big comfy maternity pillow.

  • This pillow by Queen Rose will hug your entire body, not excluding either the front or the back when your sleep.
  • Say goodbye to maternity aches, pains, inadequate belly support, or back discomfort, as this pillow has all bases covered!
  • The filling is free from harmful chemicals and medium-firm, giving you the best compromise between support and comfort.
  • The pillow is entirely adjustable, allowing you to rest your belly, sit up, or even nurse the baby when born.
  • Fold the legs of the pillow over to make an arm or leg rest and help improve comfort or reduce leg swelling.
  • Comes in the delightful colors of baby blue and pink – sleep on the side that best matches your little one’s gender.

  • This extra-large U-shaped pillow is ideal for breastfeeding and supporting your belly like a pregnant mom.
  • The pillow contours your entire body from head to toe, allowing you to rest peacefully at night, even with that big tummy!
  • Use the pillow to sit upright without compromising your posture or the babies.
  • It helps keep you and the baby in one place, preventing tossing and turning at night, with ultimate back and side support.
  • If you are unsatisfied, you have 30 days to return this pillow for a no-questions-asked full refund.

  • This nursing pillow is ideal for giving breastfeeding moms the support they need, securing the perfect angle for both mother and child.
  • It helps nursing moms keep their back and neck in the right posture, preventing pain or overexertion during this tiring period.
  • The pillow is thick and firm, making it perfect for the baby to sleep on or lay on while nursing.
  • An adjustable middle section has a strap that allows you to use both pillows apart or together.
  • Move the middle pillow to either side to choose the best position for you and your baby.
  • The pillow doubles up as a resting pillow for the mother or the baby, allowing either of you to take a nap on it at any given time!

  • This little nursing pillow will be your solution to many problems nursing moms face, from breastfeeding to having a decent nap!
  • Use the pillow to hold your baby in the right position while breastfeeding to ensure you are not in pain and that your child is satisfied.
  • Includes a removable 100% organic cotton cover, which remains cool and comforting for your newborn.
  • Use the pillow to support your back while sitting and eradicate lumbar discomfort or back pain.
  • One can toss the entire pillow in the washing machine without worrying about ruining it or clumping it!

  • A pregnancy comfortable sleeping pillow, comfortable maternity support, and a nursing pillow all in one.
  • A baby-protecting internal pillow that can be used as a feeding pillow.
  • Also, convert it into an anti-roll pillow that you can use to relieve pressure off your arms and shoulder from holding your baby.
  • Made with breathable 1005 pure cotton and a cotton cover.

  • A Super Long Multi-Functional body pillow for maternity and nursing use.
  • It can be used and adjusted for any position.
  • Plush and hypoallergenic made with 1005 polyester.
  • Easily machine washable.

  • Multi-Functional and Multi-Position maternity and Breastfeeding Pillow.
  • U-Shaped ergonomic and supportive design.
  • Full body length and support with a plush and comfortable feel.
  • Filled with a high-density and supportive Polyfill.

  • This maternity pillow is designed to comfort the whole body because of its large U-shape design.
  • It is fully adjustable, suitable for multiple positions, and has a detachable side that can be used as a knee rest.
  • This set also includes a small 45-degree angle pillow to prop your baby bump and lessen the strain on your back.
  • It can also be used by men and adults of all ages who require cozy cushioning for the full body.

  • This nursing pillow is designed to be multi-function to fulfill all the needs of nursing mothers.
  • It allows for adjustable height to provide the perfect breastfeeding position for you.
  • The maternity pillow can also serve as a sleeping pillow for pregnant people and a footpad.
  • Its pillow layer supports the baby’s weight while still being soft enough to provide comfort.

Index Table: Maternity and Nursing Pillows

1Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow - Snuggly C Shaped Maternity Pillow
  • Removable Cover
  • Adjustable
2Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow - Full U Shaped Flexible Maternity Pillow
  • Zippered Cover
  • Chemical Free
Queen Rose98.7
3Meiz Large U Shaped Body Pillow - Large U Shaped Maternity and Nursing Pillow
  • Adaptive
  • Adjustable
4Leachco Adjustable Nursing Pillow - Cotton Nursing Pillow with Adjustable Middle
  • Firm Support
  • Travel Size
5Moonlight Slumber Butterfly Nursing Pillow - Crescent Shaped Breast Feeding Pillow
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
Moonlight Slumber97.8
6Bamibi Multifunctional - Maternity Pillow for Nursing
  • Versatile
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Breathable
7ComfySure Full Body - Maternity Pillow for Nursing
  • Multi Functional Positions
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
8Idea2Go U-Shaped - Maternity and Nursing Pillow
  • U-Shape
  • Multi-Functional
9AS AWESLING U-Shape Large - Full Body Maternity Pillow
  • 60 inch
  • Detachable Side
10JCW Multi-Function - Maternity, Nursing Pillow
  • Adjustable Height
  • Firm Support

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