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The office chair heating pad is one of the best inventions which offers soothing comfort, relief of sore muscles, and also heat in those cold winters when you have to sit behind your desk.

We will be looking at some of the best office share heating pads, some that even come with a massage or vibration function to help you relax in your office chair and to help you be more productive.

Why You Need a Office Chair Heating Pad

There are ideally quite a few more reasons to have an office share heating pad than just for heat;

  • Heat – Firstly, we start off with heat. When you spend long hours in your office, especially in the cold winters, the jet can get pretty cold, which can make you quite uncomfortable. It’s not always the best idea to use a blanket and a blanket could be in the way. So what not better to have an office chair heating pad that will keep you warm during the cold winter, which will enable you to be more productive and to enjoy your time behind the desk?
  • Sore Muscles – Sore muscles so muscles can become a problem from long periods of sitting on an uncomfortable office chair. Office chair heating pads have comfortable cushioning some even come with massage functions and the heat can help to soothe sore muscles.
  • Lumbar Support – I have seen quite a few office jail heating pads that offer good lumber support or heat that specifically aims at the lumber area. As the lumber area is the area of our body that becomes the most painful and fatigued for sitting long hours, it is important to have a comfortable office chair or a comfortable office chair heating pad to provide soothing relief.
  • Better Circulation – Heat from your office chair can also help to improve circulation throughout your body to prevent your legs, your knees, your hands, and your arms from becoming numb and tingly. Proper circulation will also help with blood flow, which will in turn keep your body warm and relax your muscles.

Types of Office Chair Heating Pads

Now we have included a few types of office chair heating pads. Some are just basic heating pads for the seat of your office chair and some or a heating pad that covers the back and the seat of your chair.

There is office chair hitting pads that just offer heat and light cushioning or padding, and then there are also options that offer Shiatsu massage and regular vibration massage.

I have also seen a few models that offer extra lumber cushioning and extra lumber heat if you suffer from lower back pain.

Features of a Good Office Chair Heating Pad

Office Chair Heating Pad

  • Cover – The cover of your office chair hitting pad should be soft and comfortable, usually consisting of a microfibre polyester or velour-type material that is easy to clean.
  • Padding – Most office share heating pads will have some form of firm padding, just for additional comfort.
  • Heating – The office chair heating pad will have a heating mechanism, which may heat your back, and your seat, and some only have heating in the lumber area.
  • Massage – You do get different office gear heating pads that offer massage and vibration functions there. Are those that offer a full Shiatsu massage for your back? And your seat and some that only offer vibration massage in the back and the lower back.
  • Power – You will also need to consider the power requirements of your office share eating pad. Some will be coded, which will require an electrical outlet. Others will be rechargeable for which you will need a USB port or an outlet where you can charge from your computer or your laptop.

Reviews: The Best Office Chair Heating Pads


  • The Snorlax is a vibrating massage seat cushion that has six motors and two heating levels.
  • The seating cushion has a soft and Ultra cozy and plush cover. That consists of 100% soft polyester for a comfortable and great feeling.
  • The bottom of the cushion has rubber to keep it in place.
  • A dual adjustable strap goes around the back of any chair seat to keep the cushion stable and in place.
  • The seat cushion comes with a home adapter that is included, which makes it easier for you to use the cushion at work or home.


  • The Kingleting is a heated seat cushion with a pressure-sensitive switch.
  • It has a human body sensor in the seat cushion that it detects when you are on the seat or not so that the power can shut off or on automatically.
  • The seat cushion has a universal fit, and it comes with an adapter, which is included that you can use at home in Oregon, and the office.
  • The seat cushion comes with two control methods so that you can adapt to different environments, and it can adapt to different customer requirements.
  • This seat cushion heats fast within one minute, you will have full heat.


  • The Comfier Is a seat cushion and massager all in one that you can use at home or in your office chair.
  • It offers excellent vibration seat massage that has three adjustable intensity levels.
  • The seat cushion has four rotating nodes that also offer shiatsu massage, as well as heating.
  • It is ideal to soothe back pain and also relieve pressure from your tailbone.


  • The Maxcom Is a foldable and easy-to-carry seat cushion that also has a heating function.
  • It offers a universal fit and has dimensions of 17 inches by 17 inches, by 0. 4 inches thickness.
  • The seat cushion is heated with the use of a USB plug that draws power from various sources you can use a power bank, a computer, or the wool socket.
  • It comes with a cord that is 1.5 meters in length.
  • The seat cushion warms up quickly, and it is very comfortable reaching the ideal temperatures.


  • The Olydon is an office chair heating pad cushion that will start automatically when you sit on it and shut off automatically when you get up.
  • Likewise, the cushion has a manual switch control.
  • It offers quick and effective eating to give you constant warmth and comfort.
  • The cushion has a simple and stylish design. It is comfortable and has a non-slip bottom fabric design.
  • It comes with an elastic that you can wrap around your chair, and it will fit almost any type of chair.


  • The Conair Office Chair Heating Pad offers heating and full powerful massage motors for a wonderful massage.
  • The office chair heating pad comes with a home adapter included for you, said home or in the office.
  • The heating pad has three powerful motives to provide soothing relief for your upper back and your lower back.
  • It offers excellent heat therapy and cushioning in the lumber area for relaxation and to soothe sore muscles.
  • The seat Pad has a strapping system so it can be forced into most types of cheese.
  • It also comes with easy-to-use remote hand control.

Index Table: Top Rated Office Chair Heating Pads

1Snailax Vibration - Office Chair Heating Pad
  • Heats
  • Vibrates
2Kingleting Universal - Safe Office Chair Heating Pad
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Safe
  • Heated
3Comfier Massage - Office Chair Heating Pad
  • Heat and Massage
  • Full Back
4Maxcom Foldable - Office Chair Heating Pad
  • USB Port
  • Portable
5Olydon Pressure Sense - Office Chair Heating Pad Cushion
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Heated
6Conair Massage - Office Chair Heating Pad
  • Massage
  • Heat

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