Hip Abduction Pillow

Constant back pain can give you enduring long, sleepless nights. And it can ruin your health to an extent you can’t even imagine. But we have got just the right thing for you!

Hip Abduction Pillows are specially designed to ease out all kinds of pains and counter joint disorders to give you an interrupted and deep sleep that you have been craving for so long!

Below, we have prepared a perfect buying guide for Hip Abduction Pillows, explaining their types and benefits. And we are sure it will help you get the best one for yourself.

Benefits of Hip Abduction Pillow

There are numerous benefits associated with abduction pillows, and we have discussed some of them below.

  • Posture – Abduction pillows come with a very ergonomic design and straps, which helps you to maintain a very accurate posture throughout.
  • Comfortable – These pillows are very comfortable to use, even for long hours, due to their soft build and materials.
  • Compact – Unlike your normal pillows, there pillows are more compact and lightweight. Thus, easier to carry around.
  • Pain-Relief – Most importantly, these pillows are made to give you relief from any back, leg, joint, or pregnancy pain.
The best pillow for hip pain can help eliminate pain completely if you use them regularly.

Types of Hip Abduction Pillows

There are many types of hip abduction pillows available in the market, and each one of them offers something distinctive and special to us.

  • Dual-Strapped – Most of the abduction pillows include dual foam straps as they help to keep the pillows intact.
  • Level Padding – Some pillows include level padding, which gives you multiple levels of support to select from and choose the one which suits you the best.
  • Foldable – Some hip abduction pillows are foldable as well, which lets us carry them anywhere we want.
  • Support Pillows – These pillows are usually bigger than usual and include multiple straps. Support pillows are suggested for you if you are suffering from more severe pain.

Buying Considerations for Hip Abduction Pillow

There are several important aspects you have to consider before buying a Hip Abduction Pillow for yourself.

  • Foam – These pillows are available in several forms, but Memory cut foam is the most recommended, as it is best for long usages and provides adequate support.
  • Washable – Make sure the pillow you are buying is machine washable, as it will save you the hassle of washing it manually later.
  • Thermal Control – A hip abduction pillow should have good thermal control to prevent irritation or marks during long usage.
  • Size – Some pillows tend to be a lot bigger than others, so be sure to check the size before buying one.

Reviews: Best Hip Abduction Pillow

So based on our research, we have compiled a list of the best Hip Abduction Pillows you can get.
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Reviewed by: Daniel Max Score: 98.9

  • The pillow is made of dense, fire retardant foam that provides good support.
  • The design of this pillow is universal and can be used by both men and women.
  • Especially recommended for use following a hip surgery if immobilization is required.
  • It is equipped with foam straps that help keep your posture intact

  • This pillow is made to ease any back, leg, hip joint, or pregnancy pain.
  • The design itself is very compact and easy to carry around.
  • The material used in this pillow is pure cute memory foam to provide better comfort throughout
  • It has a zipper cover that ensures stable thermal temperatures and machine washability.

  • The pillow is designed ergonomically to provide maximum support with minimum interruptions.
  • It is highly recommended for sciatica back pain and pregnancy pain
  • It has dual foam straps, which provide you with a very snug fit throughout the night
  • Outer material and memory foam padding make this pillow very soft and lightweight.

  • This pillow has a 3-level support system that lets you have fits that are personally best for you.
  • It is made out of memory foam and provides decent comfort.
  • The knee pillow strap allows you to pose comfortably on either side of the sleeping position.
  • The fabric is very soft, and it doesn’t create heat spots on your thighs.

  • This pillow has very comfortable gel foam straps, which give us a very restful fit.
  • The overall material is very soft on touch, which does constitute a comfortable experience.
  • The knee spreader block is great for recovering from pain
  • In general, the design is compact, and it can be carried without much hassle.

  • The overall design of this pillow is very compact and accessible.
  • It provides contoured support to our legs which in turn helps us shred off that back pain,
  • This knee separator design is specifically adapted to counter spine alignment.
  • The leg pads are stretchable to an extent, and you won’t be in any discomfort while wearing these.

  • This hip abduction pillow is designed to be sturdy enough to be worn all night.
  • It can be placed on either side for versatile use.
  • The pillow comes with a hook-and-loop closure strap for convenience.
  • It is 23 inches in length and is made using durable foam construction.

  • This is a hip abduction pillow designed to prevent dislocation post-surgery.
  • It keeps you comfortable and speeds up recovery.
  • The abduction wedge allows you to maintain four inches of gap between the knees.
  • It can also be used for recovery in wheelchair users.

  • This pillow is designed to be a hip positioner with a standard contoured design.
  • It comes in a medium size, measuring approximately 14×22 inches.
  • The pillow assists in the prevention of trauma in post-surgical hip procedures.
  • It is made with high-quality foam, with straps to secure the pillow firmly.

Index Table: Top-Rated Hip Abduction Pilllows

1ProCare Foam - Hip Abduction Pillow
  • Unversal Design
  • Surgical Use
2ComfiLife Wedge Contour - Hip and Joint Abduction Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Compact
3Prime Athletics Sciatica Back - Sleeper Hip Abduction Pillow
  • Lightweight
  • Memory Foam
Prime Athletics98.3
4Compact Technologies 3-level - Leg Seprator Abduction Pillow
  • Side Sleeper
  • Level Support
Compact Technologies97.8
5Rolyan Durable - Abduction Pillow
  • Velfoam Straps
  • Compact
6Rolyan Knee Separator - Hip Abduction Pillow
  • Contoured Support
  • Spine Allignment
7DJO Global 79-90175 - Hip Abduction Pillows
  • 23 Inch Length
  • Medium
DJO Global96.7
8AliMed Comfortable - Abduction Wedge
  • Terry Cover
  • 4x5 Inch
9McKesson Medi-Pak - Hip Abduction Pillow
  • Hip Positioner
  • Latex-free

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