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Copper is long known for its superb healing and rejuvenation properties.

Today the latest trend is the copper oxide fiber pillowcase and bedding; said to boost your collagen levels when sleeping and can enhance healing and rejuvenation processes.

The Copper Pillow and Pillowcase has made quite an impression among many women and men alike for its super anti-aging abilities, among the many other benefits that it holds.

Copper Infused Pillows and Their Functions

When it comes to beauty and anti-aging products, the market is vast, and the lists of products available are endless. Gwyneth Paltrow is a famous film star said to believe in the Copper Pillow Case and its beauty benefits; she follows a clean living regime to improve her health and appearance naturally.

Function of a Copper Infused Pillow Case, or Pillow

A copper-infused Pillow or Pillow Case is made from Copper Oxide fibers that are blended into other fibers to form a copper-infused pillowcase or Pillow.

What you now have is a soft and satin-finished fabric that is non-irritating able to tackle wrinkles and other signs of aging while you sleep.

The copper works in amalgamation with the natural copper in your skin to produce more Collagen and Elastin, the two main building blocks when it comes to skin and aging. Thus yr skins elasticity is improved, wrinkles are decreased, and dark age spots fade.

Besides this, collagen is also necessary for healthy joints and other structures in your body, and copper similarly improves your overall health and well being.

Benefits of Copper Infused Pillow

The following video features the Copper Fresh Brand Copper Infused Pillow;

Some Advantages of a Copper Pillow

  • It enhances healing and is completely antimicrobial.
  • Copper particles transfer to your skin and enhance cell regeneration.
  • Treats acne and prevents acne breakouts.
  • Aids in the production of collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and plumps your skin.
  • Tested by NASA for its healing and antimicrobial properties, and carries their seal of approval.

Characteristics of a Good Copper Pillow

  • A breathable structure or pillowcase to keep you cool and dry during the night.
  • May feature Pro+Ionic copper fabrics.
  • A smooth and silky cover for a copper Infused Pillow Case, with a sheen finish that is smooth against your skin.
  • The Pillow itself needs to be the correct fill for your sleep requirements, such as soft, firm or medium, adjustable or pliable.
  • Fill can be memory foam, latex, foam, Microbeads, Feather or Down, Cotton or Polyester.
  • A gel memory foam top in the Pillow creates a cooling effect and controls temperatures.
  • Good quality design and fabrics used infused with Copper Ions.

Reviews: The Best Copper Pillows

Score: 98.8

The Sleep innovations Copper rest offers you the superior Benefits of a soft Cooper infused Pillow Case, with a Memory Foam, supportive Pillow Inner.

  • A queen-sized pillow filled with cooling Gel and memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable all night.
  • Offer exceptional neck and head support, as well as great pressure relief allowing your muscles to relax fully.
  • The Gel Memory Foam inner keeps heat away from your body to ensure the optimal sleeping temperature.
  • A Copper infused cover with a softly knit blends that are antibacterial and ensures long-lasting fresh comfort and rejuvenation.


Now you can easily turn your favorite Pillow into a rejuvenation and anti-aging beauty sleep aid, with the addition of these Luxury Copper Pillow Cases.

  • A unique breathable heat-releasing structure to keep you cool and well ventilated.
  • Moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable all night.
  • The Pro+Ionic Copper fabric decreases oxidants in the body, is smooth against your skin, and improves the appearance of your skin.
  • Lightweight and ultra-soft with multiple color options for you to choose from.


A fresh and plush, high-density, and conforming Gel Memory Foam Pillow with a luxury Copper-Infused Cover for enhanced health and beauty benefits.

  • The naturally occurring ions in the Copper Fresh Copper Casing Technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and odors.
  • High density, conforming gel memory foam that cradles and supports your neck and head.
  • The Gel Memory foam has cooling capabilities, regulating your temperature during the night.
  • Copper in the fabric cover has superior health and beauty benefits for your skin, along with being Hypoallergenic.


The Dream Big Pillow is a Jumbo Sized plush, and soft foam and Copper Infused Pillow,

  • The fill is made from plush and soft comfort, polyester, and shredded polyurethane foam, for soft and supple support, with Copper Fibers in the blend.
  • The copper-infused Pillow shields against odors and bacteria, fighting of Fungi and free radicals.
  • A unique hypoallergenic blend that is ideal for individuals with allergies.
  • The Copper Pillowcase similarly features anti-aging and skin-replenishing properties.


A Beauty-Boosting and antibacterial, highly comfortable, copper-infused Pillow, the BioPedic. In this option the entire Pillow is infused with Copper Fibers.

  • Available in a Jumbo and King Size Pillow, with the addition of an eye mask, if you require one.
  • It is filled with an antimicrobial copper-infused fill for proper head and neck support all night.
  • A satiny soft Copper-infused Pillow that is antimicrobial, non-irritating, and refreshing against the skin.
  • The copper ions naturally improve the elasticity and health of your skin while diminishing fine lines and giving you a healthy glow.


Something a bit different to the general memory foam options, the Layla sleep Pillow is filled with soft and natural Kapok, which is much airier and loft than any other fill.

  • The Layla Sleep Pillow is filled with 100% natural Kapok made from the seeds and fibers of the Kapok tree.
  • Hypoallergenic and very breathable, this Pillow is CentiPur-US Certified for natural quality.
  • Feels like real down feather without hurting any animals in the process.
  • The copper-infused cover offers exceptional cooling and health benefits.
  • An all-natural soft and comfy pillow.


A comfortable copper infused memory foam pillow from SensorPEDIC.

  • A 100% Nylon face.
  • Copper-infused memory foam fill.
  • Ventilated iCOOL technology.
  • Soft circular knit fabric cover for better breathability.


Sealy is a top brand in bedding, and this is one of their top copper-infused pillows.

  • Copper-infused gel for enhanced cooling.
  • Premium memory foam fills for comfort.
  • Easy care stretch knit zippered cover.
  • Comes in a standard size.


Get a beauty sleep with anti-Ageing benefits with the Iliminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillow.

  • It is made with 100% Cupron Copper-infused polyester.
  • Anti-aging design that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Every thread is infused with copper to interact with the skin.
  • Machine washable design.

  • This Serta CopperRest pillow comes filled with premium quality gel Memory foam fiber that allows you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • It comes enclosed in a Copper-infused outer made with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex.
  • The Copper fibers are permanently woven in to ensure it does not wash out.
  • It makes all sleeping positions comfortable, including side, back, and stomach positions due to its firmness.

In Conclusion

Copper has proven to be a highly legitimate way of not only preventing bacterial growth but also slowing down the aging process.

So why not invest in a Copper Infused Pillow, or Pillow Case, and give the phrase “Beauty Rest,” a new meaning!

Index Table: Top Rated Copper Pillows

1Sleep Innovations Copper Rest - Memory Foam Pillow and Copper Cover
  • Gel Foam
  • Pressure Relief
Sleep Innovations98.8
2Sheex Luxury - Luxury Copper Infused Pillow Cases
  • Breathable Structure
  • Moisture Wicking
3Copper Fresh Gel - Copper Infused Cooling Pillow
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Cooling
  • Antibacterial
Copper Fresh98.1
4Dream Big Pillows Essence of Copper - Copper Infused Pillows
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Antimicrobial
Dream Big Pillows97.7
5BioPEDIC Beauty Boosting - Copper Pillowcase and Pillow
  • Machine Washable
  • Antimicribial
6Layla Sleep Soft - Copper Infused Cooling Pillow
  • Cooling
  • Soft
  • Natural Kapok
Layla Sleep96.9
7SensorPEDIC Oversized - copper Infused Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Copper Infused
8Sealy CoolGEL - Memory Foam Copper Infused Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • Copper
  • Breathable
9Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating - Anti-Ageing;Copper Infused pillow
  • Machine Wasahable
  • Copper infused
10Serta CopperRest - Copper Gel Pillow
  • Memory Foam
  • 18 x 28 Inch

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